2022 Toyota Prado Discussion (Toyota Prado Accessories)

The quintessential Toyota Prado has been on Australian roads for nearly 20 years, garnering a reputation as one of the hardest and most dependable 4WDs in Australia.

As most Toyota Prado owners will know, the Prado is more than just a car that will get you from A to B. It’s a vehicle made for adventure and has attracted much popularity with young families who want to explore the great outdoors without breaking the bank, yet not sacrificing the luxury, comfort, and safety features that you’ve come to expect from Toyota semi-luxury vehicles.

It also happens to be a vehicle that lacks a great range of aftermarket accessories. The TWD 4×4 team are working hard provide customers with more Prado Bull Bar options and other aftermarket Toyota Prado Accessories to install.

We’re really excited about the new 2022 Prado, which is just about to arrive. We can’t wait to check out all of the features.


What’s the latest and what should you be aware of?

The Toyota Landcruiser is one of the most recognisable vehicles in Australia. It has been appreciated by vehicle lovers for a long time for its toughness and luxury interior (and of course that Toyota engine).

Not too long ago, Toyota released the new 300 Series Landcruiser to the world. That’s received enough fanfare for now, which has resulted in a 3-year back order before you can get your hands on a 300 Series in Australia!

It was also rumored that Toyota were working on an improved version of the Prado – an all new 2022 Prado which is touted to be the best and most powerful Prado ever.

The Toyota Prado last underwent a substantial redesign in 2009, however Toyota has released several minor modifications throughout the years. The Prado, which is still available in several foreign markets, underwent a slight facelift as recently as June 2021 to commemorate Landcruiser’s 70th anniversary.


What were the changes implemented in the new Prado?

While any important details of the upcoming 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado are scarce, some sources advise that the new model will retain its ladder-frame underpinnings, with much inspiration and features to come from the 300 Series Landcruiser. It is a huge step up from the current and the ageing Prado, of course which is powered by a 2.8L turbo-diesel – good for 150kW and 500Nm.

But if the reports mentioned by the Best Car Web published from Japan are proved to be accurate, the new model which is mere months away will be able to tap into the turbo-diesel power of the Landcruiser 300’s 3.3-litre V6, which means a massive 227kW and 700Nm.

This is not just going to be the most powerful Prado ever, but reportedly one the more powerful diesel engine to have ever lived inside any Landcruiser.

The exterior will likely evolve to a bigger, boxier style as well. The LED headlights are the same triple set up, in addition to the L-shaped LED DRLs.


Why is the Toyota Prado loved amongst car enthusiasts?

Prado’s are known for their spectacular entrances. The vertical bar chrome front grille of the Prado makes it easily recognizable, and the 2022 Prado will likely be equally as impressive.

Of course, we aren’t huge fans of chrome finishes at TWD 4×4, so we have a selection of aftermarket Prado grills to upgrade to. These are a perfect finish touch when fitting any of our Prado bull bars, or even with the stock bumper.

We’ll be sure to have all the new Toyota Prado Accessories ready soon after people start taking delivery of their 2022 Prado.


Is the Prado capable for offroad use?

In a word, yes.

The Prado is a powerful SUV which is as capable on the beach, medium offroad terrains, and long country driving. That comes with their reputable levels of comfort and security.

It is typically limited on max tyre size, however a Prado lift kit and bull bar will ensure you can get the biggest possible tyres in to assist with your offroad adventures.

Ask the TWD 4×4 crew about some upgrades to get your 150 Prado fit for exploring and outdoor adventures.


Toyota Prado Accessories

We have a few Prado 150 Bull Bar options at TWD 4×4, but our favourite Prado bull bars come from Hamer 4×4 Australia.

The Hamer King Series Bull Bar for Prado 150 Series are available for each era as pictured below.



The TWD 4×4 Perth HQ have been working with Hamer to develop their King Series Plus Bull Bar, which is already proving popular in a colour code finish (completed locally in-house). Once the 2022 Prado is released, we’ll get to work with Hamer to get a new Prado bull bar out for everyone to enjoy.

Profender 4×4 provide us with world class Prado Lift Kits. Profender Premium Suspension are a world class manufacturer of all suspension products, and made a name for themselves with arguably the best off-road racing shocks in the world. That’s many of the biggest brands in the world go to them for manufacturing – think Superior Engineering, TJM, Lovells, Tough Dog and so many more!

We figured, why pay for everyone else’s advertising and branding costs, when you can just go straight to the manufacturer and have them supply their top shelf products direct.

The crew at TWD 4×4 HQ have put together three sets of Toyota Prado Lift Kits for customers:

  1. Heavy Duty (Twin Tube) Shock – entry level heavy duty shock from Profender, which is defined by two separated fluid areas within the working cylinder. The basic damping mechanism within twin tube shocks are sufficient for standard on-road conditions and light off road use. Ideal for Prado owners who are chasing a Toyota Prado Lift Kit simply for added height/clearance, and a comfortable ride with minimal off-road performance.
  2. Monotube 2.0 Shock – the Profender Monotube gas shock is defined by single cylinder mechanism, with a high pressure nitrogen gas that never interacts with the hydraulic fluid. This design eliminates any aeration or foaming, optimising for the best performance in any given driving conditions as needed. It provides increased responsiveness, more vehicle stability, less body roll and greater longevity of your shocks. This is an absolutely world class shock built from the Profender Racing Shock team (check the sort of stuff being developed by Profender Shocks here). Our most popular Toyota Prado Lift Kit is the stage 2 Prado Lift Kit with Monotube shocks.
  3. Remote Res (8-Step Adjustable) – Built on the Monotube 2.0 shock with flexibility when it comes to preferred responsiveness of your shock. This is controlled with the adjustable knobs to dampen or tighten your ride (front and rear). Perfect for variable-use city driving, high speed, beach, off-road and towing.  If you’re towing caravans and heavy loads, consider adding airbags to your quote.

Of course, no Toyota Prado 150 Lift Kit is complete without a wheel and tyre package. We have access to all of the big name wheel and tyre suppliers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message to see what’s in stock.

2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar – Hamer King Series Bull Bar

It’s taken a bit of time, but you can finally get down to TWD 4×4 for a 2021 Navara Bull Bar.

Hamer 4×4 Australia are the first exclusive brand at TWD 4×4 to bring out a 2021 Navara Bull Bar, with both their King Series (no loop) and King Series Plus (triple loop) now available.

Even with some of the classic “big lift, wheels and tyres” Navara crowd are transitioning into the facelift model, there’s certainly nothing to complain about with the overall design of the Hamer Bull Bar. We think the King Series Bull Bar (no loop) is an even better fit and finish than Hamer’s front bar to suit the pre-facelift np300.

Do you think we’re right?




So let’s jump into a few main features of the 2021 Navara Bull Bar.

Most importantly, you’ll notice that Hamer’s Nissan Navara Bull Bar has retained it’s classic, mean and aggressive finish in the powder-coated matte black with red HAMER logo. The design of the King Series Bull Bars has been at the cornerstone of Hamer’s success, as Hamer continues to rank as one of the most popular bull bar manufacturers on the market.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve rested on their laurels. Hamer have listened to the feedback of the 4×4 community and added rated recovery points to all 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bars supplied from April 2022. The Hamer Recovery Points are rated to 12,500LB. Recovery points are also included in recent models of other popular vehicles such as the Hilux, DMAX, Pajero Sport, BT50 and Toyota Prado. They are an optional extra for earlier models.

Another neat feature is the integrated light bar slot, which sited in the centre of the bar where the HAMER logo is. This means you can choose to run both a light bar AND spotties, or keep the your 20201 Navara Bull Bar nice and clean by fitting a light be in there as opposed to sitting on top of the bar. Unfortunately (for some), if you choose to integrate a light bar in this section you’ll lose the red HAMER logo, which can be a nice accent for certain setups. If you’re looking for a tough light bar to go with the 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar, we recommend the VK201 LED Light Bar from VIKOR INDUSTRIES, which is a black finish that goes PERFECTLY with the Hamer bar.

Given Hamer 4×4 Australia have a very select trusted retail network, it means that your Hamer products are usually no longer than 4-6 weeks out at worst… no waiting for 4 months for supply (which turns into 6 months pretty quickly). TWD 4×4 have been trusted with the exclusive supply and install rights in WA, and all Hamer products are available at our stores around Australia.

For those who want to finish the rear off the same way, consider pairing your Navara Bull Bar with the Hamer Nova Series Rear Bar. Superb combo!




Other important features of Hamer’s Nissan Navara np300 Bull Bar include:

  • Manufactured in Thailand from high quality, 3mm think steel.
  • Lightweight steel bar design at approx. 60kg.
  • ADR compliant and road legal across Australia (yes, we’re still asked this from time to time!).
  • ACC sensor compatible (you’ll see it sit front and centre with inbuilt mounting case within the bull bar).
  • Full bumper replacement, with no cutting or drilling required during install (take your bumper with you after install, or we’ll add it to the graveyard of front bumpers out back).
  • Winch compatible – we recommend the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Rescue VI 12,000lb Winch as a premium option or Runva 11XP Premium Winch for a budget / value alternative. Both will require relocation of control box. Please note that installation of a winch is encouraged at the time of installing your 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar, otherwise the Hamer Bull Bar will have to be removed if installing after the fact.
  • Slim line bull bar, which is a higher and tighter fit than many other alternatives. We have measured the distance from bonnet to the end of the D-Shackle mounts as around 250mm (a guide only). Very garage friendly!
  • Despite the slim line design, there is plenty of room to mount your light bars, spotties and antennas on top of this Nissan Navara np300 Bull Bar.
  • As with all Hamer Bull Bars (ex. Suzuki Jimny), included with the bar are LED fog lights, day time running light and indicator.




Because we set up the Hamer 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar differently based on our customer’s preferences and overall design goals, it can be hard to know what is (and isn’t) included with the bar. As a courtesy, we do like to throw in a set of Hamer’s Omega Shackles to finish off the front end. All skid plates, light bars, spotlights and antennas are optional extras.

If the bull bar isn’t enough, and you want to add some additional function and differentiating features to your 2021 Navara Bull Bar, consider some of the following:




Underbody Protection Plates

  • Hamer Skid Plate (front piece) for those who don’t send it too hard, and want to upgrade the factory plate to protect the radiator. Made from 3mm thick steel, and comes in a powder-coated red finish as standard.
  • Hamer Underbody Protection Plates (Full Set) for the serious offroaders. Made from 3mm thick steel, and comes in a powder-coated red finish as standard.




Suspension Upgrade

  • Even though the 2021 Navara Bull Bar from Hamer is a lightweight steel bar, if you’re running a winch and other nissan navara np300 accessories on top, you’re going to want to consider at least an upgrade of your front springs to allow for added load.
  • If you’re keen to get a lift kit sorted, we have the full range from Heavy Duty Twin Tube, all the way to an 8-Step Adjustable Remote Res setup. Get in touch with the crew for some advice on a Nissan Navara Lift Kit.



  • If you’re not a fan of the red accents and recovery points, we can sort out a colour code to your vehicle, or do a full black out. Make sure you have a chat to one of the crew about some custom options to separate your Nissan Navara np300 Bull Bar from the rest. At TWD 4×4, we will blackout the white Hamer badge as a standard, which finishes off the overall look of the black bull bar nicely.
  • A nice pair of chunky Ultimate Shackles from Hamer 4×4 are a really nice way to separate your Hamer Bull Bar from the rest. Available in black, red and grey – circlips included for added safety.


Now, if you’re after a little more protection for your radiator, Hamer 4×4 Australia have just released their King Series Plus Bull Bar for the face lift Nissan Navara np300.

The King Series Plus Bull Bar is simply the no-loop base, with added loops on top that are designed to shape around your front grill and headlights. This is without a doubt the tightest fitting 2021 Navara Bull Bar, so it certainly separates itself from the rest from a design and functionality sense.

This triple loop bull bar has all the standard features mentioned throughout this article. Weight is approximately 70kg.




So what do you think legends, is the Hamer King Series or King Series Plus on the consideration list as your 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar upgrade?

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about the Hamer Bull Bars, or request a quote online via our website.

ANNOUNCEMENT: TWD 4×4 Now Accepting Bitcoin

With the current social, economic and political environment (both in Australia and in our supplier nations abroad), it has become apparent that some form of business interaction with bitcoin is a necessity in order for TWD 4×4 to remain at the forefront of best business practice, innovation, critical thinking, and overall trends within our industry.

After much consideration, the use, acceptance and overarching ethos of bitcoin has become too compelling to ignore as a business.

On 1 January 2022, private shareholders unanimously elected to commence accepting bitcoin as a means of payment for all products and services offered at TWD 4×4.

As such, we will accept bitcoin in return for services rendered at all TWD 4×4 stores across Australia. Any and all bitcoin received as payment from customers and clients will be held on our balance sheet as a long term investment. Just in the same way we strategically invest in staff, inventory, plant and equipment etc., our investment policy has now expanded to allow for long term savings in the form of digital property.

We are excited to finally contribute to growing the use of bitcoin as a medium of exchange, securing the network with an on-site bitcoin node, and the overall drive for a better future for us all on a bitcoin standard. Fix the money, fix the world.

Special shoutout to Anthony Pompliano and The Best Business Show Podcast for their content (in particular Perth Heat‘s episode), as well as Arcadia Digital for their boots on the ground support, each of whom were pivotal in getting us to this milestone. To learn more about bitcoin, take a look at this bitcoin article from Arcadia Digital.

More exciting announcements to come including bitcoin collaborations, discounts and promotions! 😈

Hamer Bull Bar FAQs (Hamer King Series Bull Bar) – TWD 4×4 [2022]

Are you considering a Hamer Bull Bar for your ute or truck? We’ve been installing these beasts for years now, so we’ve accrued a little bit of knowledge and experience along the way when it comes to the Hamer King Series Bull Bar.

As your exclusive Hamer 4×4 Australia supplier and installer in Perth, and with their full range of products available at our fitting centres in Melbourne and Sydney, we’re keen to share with you some of our most frequently asked questions from prospective Hamer Bull Bar purchasers.

Check out the FAQ list, and give us a yell if you have any further enquiries. We’ll update this post as regularly as possible. Please feel free to like and share with your mates if they’re considering a Hamer 4×4 Bull Bar 😈

Remember there are loads of Hamer King Series Bull Bar installation pictures and inspiration on our Facebook and Instagram.


Is the Hamer 4×4 Bull Bar ADR approved?

100% the Hamer Bull Bar is ADR approved – it satisfies all compliance-related regulations in each state and territory across Australia.


How far does the bull bar stick out?

This is a tight fitting bull bar, and there’s not many more on the market that’ll protrude less than the Hamer Bull Bar.

It’s going to differ between vehicle and each product ever so slightly, but you’re looking at up to 280mm from the front corner of your headlights. We’ll work our way through vehicle-specific measurements in time. Hamer Ford Ranger Bull Bars are around the 240mm protrusion from the front corner of your headlights.

The parts that are responsible for the majority of the protrusion are the D-Shackle mounts. Though these can be removed, however it is not recommended as the finish of the bar isn’t quite the same behind this part.


What’s the price of the Hamer King Series Bull Bar?

Ask us for the price list we have been provided by Hamer 4×4 Australia. Let us know if you’re keen to purchase a Hamer Bull Bar and we’ll make it happen at one of our locations across Australia.


Is the Hamer Bull Bar suitable for my vehicle?

Generally speaking, Hamer 4×4 Australia concentrate on popular and newer vehicles. Check out the product list and pricing we have been provided. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.


What’s included with the Hamer King Series Bull Bar?

Hamer 4×4 Bull Bar purchases included the front bar and all fitting parts, DRL/Fog lights and indicators. The D-Shackle mounts at the front are included, but it does not come with the red shackles to finish off the front end. This is an optional extra. So too is the front skid plate / bash plate.

It comes in a powder-coated black finish, with red HAMER logo and brackets under the bar. Please note these red brackets are not rated recovery points. Hamer 4×4 Australia will release their own rated recovery points shortly. We can customise these colours to make sure your vehicle stands out from the rest. *UPDATE: FORD RANGER RATED RECOVERY POINTS FOR HAMER BULL BARS ARE AVAILABLE NOW*

Note that the Suzuki Jimny Bull Bar does not come with indicators, and instead include cube fog lights. We like to sub these out with the VIKOR INDUSTRIES VKX LED Cube Lights. They look f*n awesome.


Is the bash plate included with the bull bar?

The skid plate / bash plate is an optional extra. Check out what’s included with the Hamer Bull Bar in the section above.


Can I get the Bull Bar colour coded?

All Hamer 4×4 Bull Bars are in a powder-coated black finish from factory. Hamer 4×4 Australia encourage us to handle the colour coding process locally at install to ensure accuracy of the colour match, and reduce the likelihood of damage in transit.

We have an in-house painting team who are able to colour scan your vehicle for all of your colour matching needs.


How much does the Bull Bar weigh?

Depends which bar, but you’re looking at around the 60kg mark as standard for most popular vehicles.


Do I need to upgrade my front springs to account for the bar?

It depends on your setup and vehicle. If you’re also getting a winch along with the Hamer Bull Bar, we typically recommend at least upgrading your front springs.


I don’t like the red, can you change the colour of the HAMER and brackets underneath?

It’s not something that Hamer offer from their factory, but we love to customise this stuff at TWD 4×4. You’ll see lots of black out and colour coded setups on our social media. Check out the gram if you’re after some ideas and inspiration, or go direct to the Hamer 4×4 Australia page.


Can you mount spotties and an antenna to the bull bar?

Yes plenty of room to mount your spotties, antenna and light bars etc. There may be a little bit of custom work required to get spotties mounted to slim fitting bars such as the DMAX 2020+. We love the range of blackout light bars from VIKOR INDUSTRIES – they finish off the Hamer Bull Bar very nicely 🙌


Where are Hamer 4×4 Accessories manufactured?

Manufactured in Thailand, and then rigorously tested here in Australia to ensure correct fitment and compliance is satisfied.


Can you supply only the Hamer Bull Bar?

TWD 4×4 have an agreement in place with Hamer 4×4 Australia to install all of their products in-house. This is because they care about their product, and want top quality installation done the right way to finish off vehicles with pride and expertise. We can supply only certain products, but it will void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Are the recovery points rated?

So what you see there in reality are red supporting brackets. They look like recovery points, but at the time of writing this, they aren’t yet rated. Hamer 4×4 Australia have indicated there will be a release shortly. *UPDATE: FORD RANGER RATED RECOVERY POINTS FOR HAMER BULL BARS ARE AVAILABLE NOW*


Is the Hamer Bull Bar winch compatible?

Yes the range of Hamer Bull Bars are winch compatible. You’ll fit most 12,000lb winches in there, but worthwhile checking before you purchase a winch. We like to use the Runva 11XP or VIKOR INDUSTRIES Rescue VI Winch.

It’s worth noting you will have to take the bar off if you want to install a winch after the fact, so we always say if you intend to get a winch, sort it at the same time as the Hamer bar. If not, it’s not the end of the world, but likely will result in a slightly increased install cost.


Will the bull bar accomodate my factory sensors and adaptive cruise control?

If your vehicle has factory parking sensors adaptive cruise control etc, the Hamer Bull Bar will accomodate for this.

Ford Everest owners will have to purchase new sensor surrounds however (as Ford have glued these to the factory bumper). Sensors have to be extended for the Pajero Sport (2020+) as they don’t reach the provided slots for the sensors in the bull bar.


I have a Ford Ranger Wildtrak, do I have to replace my grill if I’m getting a Hamer Bull Bar?

Given the factory Wildtrak grill extends down towards the bottom of the bumper, you’ll either have to cut the grill or find a different grill. We don’t think it looks very good cutting your grill, and if you want to sell your bumper then you’ll likely get something more reasonable for it with the grill still in tact! Much better sorting out an aftermarket grill or Raptor grill from ford – that’s what we do at TWD 4×4.

VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter Review [November 2021]

Product Review – VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter [November 2021]

Who’s in search of Ford Ranger Roller Shutter Perth or abroad? They’re running hot right now. Share this one with your friends, and feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the pros and cons of a Ford Ranger Roller Shutter in Perth today 😈



As a standard, most of the utes arrive at one of the TWD 4×4 workshops with a factory tub and roll bar.

Now this is perfect for general storage of items and oversized goods (all but guaranteeing you’re the first point of call for helping out a mate with delivering the new couch), however, by itself, there is no security, nor any water, sun or dust protection. Depending on the use of your ute, this can pose major issues.

That’s why we’re seeing big demand for Electric Roller Shutters, particularly the Ford Ranger Roller Shutter from VIKOR INDUSTRIES. There are plenty of brands out there to choose from, but we’ve settled on VIKOR INDUSTRIES because of their commitment to a premium finish, and constant product development. They’re also a WA-based brand, so what better than supporting those in your own back yard.



The VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter is a premium advanced, retractable cover for the back of your ute, specifically designed to keep your belongings safe, without sacrificing on the overall look of your vehicle. It is a real shout for those Ford Ranger Roller Shutter hunters and many other ute or truck owners!

They’re so confident in in their product that they offer an industry-leading 24-month warranty on the VIKOR Electric Roller Shutter when installed with their dealers.

TWD 4×4 (Perth) are proud to say we’re the exclusive retailers of all Ford Ranger Roller Shutter products and accompanying extras.

So, what’s all the fuss about when it comes to this Electric Roller Shutter?



Secure and Spacious

The VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter was engineered with a theft-resistant design, and there are no physical handles to break for maximum security.

It also comes with a smaller motor canister unit to maximise the amount of space in your tray (e.g. Ford Ranger Roller Shutter motor canister extends approx. 33cm from inside of tub).

There is also jamming prevention technology to avoid limbs / tub contents from being caught in the Electric Roller Shutter.





The electric roller shutter is waterproof and weather resistant, utilising VIKOR INDUSTRIES’ exclusive sealing and water draining systems. The built-in gutters and integrated plumbing lines ensure the tub cannot be filled with water, meaning things in your tray actually stay dry… (which is something new for all you Wildtrak owners 😈).




Easy Installation and Use

The installation process is simple for the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter as it utilises a clamp system (with no drilling) and basic wiring.

It is also easy to use; owners can open, close and pause their retractable roller cover or roller shutter with just one simple “click” and through their factory key. The Keychain Remote Controls (2 included) come with start, stop and pause buttons, as well as three-stage light control. Mobile app control is also coming soon!

We also wire in a switch through to your cab so you can open and close your electric roller shutter from inside your vehicle.




LED Lights

The electric roller shutter comes with a LED strip light for the centre tray with 3-stage adjustment (low/med/high) from your 2 included remote controls. This provides perfect illumination for any situation.



VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter range are made from Premium Lightweight Aluminium, with self-lubricated nylon rollers and clutch geared motor.

Given it is self-retractable with no ability to open manually, the integrity of the roller shutter is not subject to variable force and mistreatment than many manual roller shutters are subject to.

It’s for the reason that VIKOR INDUSTRIES have chosen not to offer a manual roller shutter.



The reinforced, flat side rail design allows for fitting of OEM sports bars (with minor cutting and fabricated brackets – please discuss options with the TWD 4×4 team), as well as most popular aftermarket sports and roll bars, such as certain Hamer 4×4 and Option 4WD roll bars.

Most RHINO-Rack cross bars and general tub accessories are a perfect fit for install as well.


Specifications – VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter 

Material Premium Lightweight Aluminium
Installation Time 4-5 Hours (approx. with an open tray) + Coding Time
Weight 34 -45kg (depending on model)
Warranty INDUSTRY LEADING 24-Month
Electric Roller Shutter Control Standard Keychain Remote Controls (2)

Factory Key Coded

Cabin Switch

Mobile App [COMING SOON!]

Terms & Conditions *Pictures are for display purposes only, and the actual product may slightly vary.

*Only suitable for dual cab utes.

*We strongly recommend regular cleaning of the shutter to ensure dust and foreign elements don’t interfere with product functionality.

*Off-road use may subject the shutter to scratching and fault. This will void manufacturers’ warranty on Electric Roller Shutter.

Vehicle Compatibility Ford Ranger Roller Shutter, LDV Roller Shutter, Roller Shutter Mitsubishi Triton, DMAX Roller Shutter, Toyota Hilux SR5 Roller Shutter, Amarok Roller Shutter and more. Check out the full range here.
Sports Bar Compatibility May be compatible with certain aftermarket sports bars pending mounting system. Most factory Sports Bars are compatible with brackets supplied by VIKOR Industries.


Get in touch with TWD 4×4 today to find out more about the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter.



TWD 4×4 – Premium 4×4 Accessories, Mods & Upgrades 😈

TWD 4×4 – Premium 4×4 Accessories in Perth and Melbourne

TWD 4×4 is a Perth custom 4WD store specialising in 4×4 modifications. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the right advice when it comes to making your 4WD stand out and choosing the highest quality 4×4 accessories available in Australia.

We encourage you to stop by and have a chat at our Perth 4WD shop located in Osborne Park, or take a look at our 4×4 accessories online store for the best of Perth custom 4WDs.



Whether you choose to come into our Perth 4WD store located in Osborne Park, or directly through our custom 4WD online store, you’ll soon realise we pride ourselves on customer service and delivering outstanding work.

Over the years, our humble beginnings as a Perth-based supplier of tyres direct from the manufacturer, evolved into specialising in 4WD tyres and SUV tyres in Australia (predominately mud terrain tyres and all terrain tyres in Perth), as well as 4×4 accessories fitting. TWD 4×4 is now arguably the premier Australian supplier of some of the hottest up and coming 4×4 accessories brands in the world.

Our connections with leading manufacturers, combined with our burning love for 4×4, uniquely positions us as the premier Perth custom 4WD shop. Whether it’s a bull bar, lift kit, sidestep, rear roller shutter, rear bumper or 4WD tyres – TWD 4×4 has you covered.

We strongly encourage you to drop by our Perth 4WD store in Osborne Park for a chat, or head directly to our 4×4 accessories online store. If you have any questions, or just want to chat about your rig, don’t hesitate to give us a call or find us on social media.

Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bars (Australia) – Top 5 MUST HAVE Raptor Bull Bars

Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bars (Australia) – Top 5 MUST HAVE Raptor Bull Bars 😈

After seeing hundreds of stock Ford Raptors come through the TWD 4×4 workshop in Perth and Melbourne, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what customers are looking for when it comes to a Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bar in Australia.

We are also in a unique position to be able to compare the many options out there when considering what Ford Raptor Bull Bar is best for you.

Given the Ford Ranger Raptor is one of the best looking utes on the market (and drives incredibly well), we understand that a decent percentage of owners don’t intend on taking their Raptors off-road. Fair enough too.

Despite this, there are still plenty of Raptor owners who go full send on the weekend, so our Top 5 Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bar list won’t neglect those who are still chasing some off-road features and protection.

Of course, with aftermarket accessories it all comes back to personal preference, and what’s most important to you. This is just a bit of insight into what we’ve observed at TWD 4×4. Hopefully you’ll find it useful.

Before we get stuck into things, please make sure you like and follow TWD 4×4 on our social media platforms to keep up to date with all of our Ford Raptor Bull Bar fittings and other awesome builds!

If you have a Ford Raptor, we’d love to hear from you. Better yet, if you have one of these Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bars fitted, leave a picture below and let us know what you think of it.

Alright… here goes 😈


#1 – Option X Bull Bar by Option 4WD



Price: $2,790 + Install

Manufacturer Location: Thailand & Australia

Fitting Time: 4.5 hours

There’s no doubt about it… 2020 has been an absolute b!tch.

But October 2020 was a late saving grace for Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bar chasers, who were gifted with the release of the Option X Front Bar by Option 4WD.

In fact, it was a saving grace for Ford Raptor owners full stop, with Option 4WD releasing their initial range of 4×4 accessories in Australia.

The Option X Bull Bar is an absolute work of art. It has the aggressive look that Option 4WD are known for, and is a high and tight fit, perfect for those chasing a sleek, mean front end.


▶️ Full ADR compliance, with airbag and crash sensors fully functional

▶️ Full bumper replacement (mounting kit included, no drilling/cutting required)

▶️ Winch compatible

▶️ Matte black powder coat finish

▶️ Light bar integration (VIKOR Industries VK302 – Black housing & reflector for a premium black finish)

▶️ Minimal protrusion from front of vehicle

▶️ Weight approx. 35kg

Other Comments

▶️ She’s light. And if no winch is required, then the winch cradle is not required to be installed (further reducing the overall weight added to your Raptor).

▶️ Bar must be removed if you are installing a winch after fitting the Ford Raptor Bull Bar.

▶️ Colour coding/matching may be slightly more expensive given powder coat finish (sand blasting required with painters).

▶️ BEWARE OF FAKES – there’s a certain company in Australia who have knocked off the Option 4WD product and have them manufactured over in China. They do look quite similar, but upon quality inspection, there will be a clear difference.



 #2 – King Series Bull Bar by Hamer 4×4



Price: $2,690 + Install

Manufacturer Location: Thailand & Australia

Fitting Time: 5 hours


What a rise to prominence it has been for the team at Hamer 4×4 Australia this past 18 months.

When we first came across the Ford Ranger Bull Bar, we knew this brand was going to be an absolute hit. The loop-less King Series Bull Bar is without a doubt one of the best looking Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bars in Australia.

After leading the rise of Hamer 4×4 in Western Australia, the TWD 4×4 team were enrolled as the R&D centre for Hamer 4×4 Australia. All product testing, ADR and premium fittings now take place at TWD 4×4. Full Hamer 4×4 builds from the east coast are now finding their way to the understated workshop in Perth, WA.

Coming in as the least expensive of the Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bars on this least, we spot great value, especially if you’re spending the majority of your time on-road or in the city (so you can enjoy the aesthetics of the bar, without the recovery related costs).



▶️ Exceed ADR standards of approval in all states and territories (airbag and crash sensors fully functional)

▶️ Full bumper replacement (mounting kit included, no drilling/cutting required)

▶️ Constructed with high quality 3mm thick steel plate

▶️ Winch compatible (with laser cut holes to allow access) – we like the Runva or VIKOR Winch – PERFECT fit, great products.

▶️ Advanced powder coating black surface finish

▶️ High quality, attractive LED fog lights, indicator and daytime running lights

▶️ Increased airflow to the radiator with specialist design

▶️ Laser cut holes to mount lights and antenna on top of bar (no integrated light design).

▶️ Minimal protrusion from front of grill – shouldn’t impact your garage-ability too much 😈

▶️ Weight approx. 46 kg

Other Comments

▶️ Having owned a Raptor and fit the majority of the Ford Raptor Bull Bars on this top 5 list, the Hamer 4×4 King Series Bull Bar gets the most head turns and random comments. Hands down.

▶️ The bar is required to be removed if you are installing a winch after fitting the Hamer Ford Raptor Bull Bar. Not the end of the world, but just an FYI in case you’re thinking of a winch “after the fact”.

▶️ If you don’t like the red “Hamer” logo on your bar, you can change the perspex that sits behind the bar to a colour that better suits your vehicle (or black to tone down the branding).

▶️ This is a beautiful Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bar, but there’s always a trade-off. The red shackles and mounting points on the front of the bar are not rated (purely there for aesthetic purposes). In addition, what looks like red recovery points under the bar are actually just part of the finish of the King Series Bull Bar. They aren’t rated recovery points and should not be used to recover from. We use Ironman recovery points to suit the Hamer 4×4 King Series Bull Bar. Hamer 4×4 have confirmed they will soon have rated points here in place of the “all for show” brackets there now.

▶️ Bash plate comes at additional charge (RRP $280)


#3 – Evolution Bar by RHINO

Price: $2,990 + Install

Manufacturer Location: Argentina

Fitting Time: 3.5 hours

What better way to describe this, than the 4×4 accessory fitters’ dream Ford Raptor Bull Bar.

The design of the Rhino Bull Bar is nothing short of robust, consistent and reliable. When you unpack this sucker, you know exactly what you’re going to get, and it’s a straightforward installation to your Raptor.

Although the manufacture and ease of installation are important, it’s worth noting that Rhino have landed on a simple exterior, which many say is reminiscent of the stock front bumper. Now we wouldn’t go as far to say that, but there’s no doubt this is a simple and clean bull bar.

Many Raptor owners and fitters consider the Rhino Bull Bar to be one of the best in the market right now, and we’d have to agree. Stiff not to be higher in the count.


▶️ Full ADR compliance, with airbag and crash sensors fully functional

▶️ An impressive, top quality 3mm and 5mm steel construction

▶️ Full bumper replacement (no drilling/cutting required)

▶️ Winch compatible (mount included without any additional brackets to install)

▶️ Number plate flip bracket included for easy access to winch area

▶️ LED driving lights included (2 x 40W)

▶️ Light bar integration (STEDI 31.5″ recommended)

▶️ Includes a bash plate as standard (made from aluminium – 5mm)

▶️ Recovery points (2) included as standard

▶️ Front hi-lift jacking points

▶️ Weight approx. 40kg


Other Comments

▶️ You can really deck this Raptor Bull Bar out even further with the mounting bar and a collection of lights. It tends to add to the look of the bar in our opinion, rather than detracting from/hiding the design.

▶️ Even though the Rhino Bull Bar for Raptor comes in as the most expensive on our list, there’s not much more you’re required to with this bar to have it ready for all situations (bash plate, recovery points etc. included). Still great value.

▶️ We don’t think it’s the best looking bar on the list, but pictures certainly don’t do it justice. The Rhino Bull Bar is an impressive bit of craftsmanship.


#4 – Predator Bull Bar by Offroad Animal


Price: $2,990 + Install

Manufacturer Location: China & Australia

Fitting Time: 4 hours

There are few bigger rises in the Australian 4×4 accessories market than Offroad Animal.

From humble beginnings, they’ve given all Ford Raptor owners something to smile about with the Offroad Animal Predator Bar. One of the first to transcend the traditional Australian look, and challenge the big 3 with a style and finish that the market craved.

Due to the heavy lifting they did early in the piece as one of few appealing alternatives for Aussie 4WD accessories, we give huge kudos to the team at Offroad Animal 🍺

But this is all about the clean and mean Offroad Animal Predator Bar for the Ford Raptor…


▶️ ADR compliant and airbag compatible

▶️ Full bumper replacement with no cutting required

▶️ Winch compatible (with a number plate flip included should you choose to install a winch)

▶️ Works with factory tow points

▶️ Zinc plated and then powder coated matte black finish

▶️ Hi-lift jacking points included

▶️ Sits no more than around 180mm from the front of the grill (depending on fitting – may vary slightly)

▶️ Bash plate included (made from 5mm thick steel – more heavy duty than most other competitors

▶️ Optional top hoop available which can take a 22″ light bar

▶️ Weight approx. 54 kg

Other Comments

▶️ Will suit most low mount winches.

▶️ You can install a winch after installation of the Predator Bull Bar (quite handy for those methodically working through their Raptor “to do” list).

▶️ Plenty of airflow with this design to keep your motor nice and cool.

▶️ Works with factory fog lights. Otherwise you can mount cube lights or a light bar up to 8″ in each wing. When combined with the top hoop, you can really get lit with the Offroad Animal Predator Bull Bar.

▶️ A clean, well-constructed bar. It doesn’t have the same lines and intricacies of some other no-loop competitors, but this means it is a notably quicker install (providing you don’t make it a Christmas tree 💡 ).


#5 – V2 Ford Raptor Bull Bar by Option 4WD


Price: $2,790 + Install

Manufacturer Location: Thailand & Australia

Fitting Time: 5 hours

We’ve already sung our praises about Option 4WD Australia, and their V2 Ford Raptor Bull Bar could easily have found its way higher on this list.

However, given they’ve already taken out the #1 spot on the Ford Ranger Raptor Bull Bar count, and there’s some other stiff competition, they’ve landed #5 spot as well.

The Option 4WD V2 Ford Raptor Bull Bar is a chunky, aggressive fit. It’s perfect for the wider body of the Raptor, and screams “MEAN”. Can best be described as a slightly lower, broader fit to the Raptor.

To finish off your V2 Bull Bar fitting, it’s really important to make sure you’ve got an aggressive set of tyres on. That really makes a huge different with this front bar.


▶️ Full ADR compliance, with airbag and crash sensors fully functional

▶️ Made from top quality 3mm thick steel plate (6mm+ at the brackets)

▶️ Full bumper replacement (mounting kit included, no drilling/cutting required)

▶️ Winch compatible

▶️ 4 Cubed fog lights included (enough room to add in one additional cube on each wing)

▶️ Premium matte black powder coat finish

▶️ Light bar integration (VIKOR Industries VK301 – Black housing & reflector for a premium black finish)

▶️ Minimal protrusion from front of vehicle

▶️ Weight approx. 58kg


Other Comments

▶️ You can add in an extra cubed fog light on each wing, or consider an 8″ light bar in place of the cubes. Very aggressive overall look. We love to replace the generic fog lights with the VKX LED Cube Lights from VIKOR INDUSTRIES.

▶️ Bar must be removed if you are installing a winch after fitting the Ford Raptor Bull Bar.

▶️ If you love a chunky, aggressive looking Raptor, then this is without a doubt the option for you. Pardon the pun.

▶️ BEWARE OF FAKES – there’s a certain company in Australia who have knocked off the Option 4WD product and have them manufactured over in China. They do look quite similar, but upon quality inspection, there will be a clear difference.



Australia is a BIG country, and some of the places we travel to can mean plenty of hours (or even days) of car time.

So, what options do we have to avoid the inevitable irritations and boredom that may ensue, especially when children are involved?

Well… you could try sleeping the entire trip (unless you are the driver of course!), or you could encourage anti-social behaviour by having a car full of headphone-wearing passengers watch their own movies or music playlists. We tend to think a little old school, and love encouraging everyone to pass travel time with your family and friends more interactively.

Sure, sometimes there’s only so many hours catching up and general chit-chat will pass, but that doesn’t mean you try a few car games for kids, have some fun, share some laughs and enjoy your drive together.


1 – I Spy

This game is so famous it even has a movie in its name.

“I Spy” is an absolute classic. It’s one of the best car games for kids, encouraging them to get creative, whilst potentially learning some things about the external environment.

In case you’ve never played “I Spy” before, it is simple to learn and play:

  • Each person takes turns to be the “spier” and all others take turns to guess the answer.
  • The spier chooses an object either inside or outside the car, can be a part or accessory of the car as well. keeps it to themselves and says to everyone else, “I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with…” and then tells everyone the first letter of the item they have (or are) looking at.
  • Everyone must then guess what the object is, and the spier’s reply must simply be a “yes” or “no”.

[When I was a kid, we had to tell everyone whether the object was inside the car or outside. If outside, things can get interesting because you may have gone past the thing you saw, and everyone else has to try and remember what things have passed by already – this gets much more interesting]

  • Everyone then takes it in turns to guess and spy. There doesn’t need to be winners or losers in this game… in fact, it’s probably best to avoid a potential tantrum that’s scoreboard related!


2 – Number Plate Cricket

If you’re a cricket fan, this can be quite a competitive little game. The rules are fairly simple:

  • Each person in the car takes turns being the batsman.
  • Essentially, the last number on any number plate of any vehicle that is travelling in the opposite direction is counted as a score. So, each car going past in the opposite direction gets its number plate reviewed by all players (just to make sure there’s no cheating). As long as more than one player agrees with the last number (that’s furthest to the right) of the number plate, the batsman at the time will score the number of runs from 1 to 9.
  • If the last number is a zero, then that batter is out for that turn and the next player becomes the batsman.
  • The game continues like this until one batsman scores a total of 100 (cumulative – not from one inning) and then the game starts again


3 – Name That Song

Music is probably the best companion during on road or off road trips.

A car game for the music buffs!

Firstly, find some obscure playlists and have one person control the music device. This person forwards to the next song on shuffle, and everyone else must try and name the song and artist.

If no one is able to correctly identify the song and artist, half points can be awarded for naming either song or artist.

Keep track of the scores to determine who is the musical genius. Mix things up with different playlists and, if you are in mobile network range, pick some “out there” genres and see how everyone goes.

These are just a few of the easy car games that can keep everyone from getting too bored or annoyed on your next long-distance commute.


What are your favourite car games to play with passengers on your road trips? We’d love for you to share them with other readers in the comments section below.

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Happy travels.



The colour of your 4WD is important – we all want our rigs to look good.

Typically we’ll end up with the colour that first grabs our attention on display at the dealership; or the one that you just couldn’t take your eyes off parked next to you on the freeway traffic jam; or the one that you saw fully sending it on the beach in Jurien Bay.

What colour 4WD you go for is such a personal choice, and sometimes we can tend to place a little more importance on it than it deserves. At least relative to other important 4WD considerations.


  1. The Australian Heat

The Australian heat can really have a toll on your offroad vehicle.

White, or a pearl derivative of white, is often considered as it’s not going to bake in the hot Australian sun, causing the interior to feel like everything has melted. Nowadays there’s a pretty easy fix for that though – windows and air-cons.

Despite how good air-conditioners are now, seeing black 4WD’s on our roads really does make me wonder what was going through the minds of these individuals when THAT decision was made.

Still, they do have a presence about them, maybe that’s the statement being made. Adding those roof racks and bullbars just makes it look even more majestic. Even though a black car, especially a big 4WD, in the Australian sun does seem strange, the choices in new car colours are quite limited. Over time, we’ve observed the consistency of 4WD colours in Australia, with versions of white, silver/grey, black, blue, the odd brown and reds dominating the market (including the omnipresent burnt orange – quintessentially Australian).

Apart from personal preference, what another factor could come into play when considering what colour 4WD is for you? Scratches.


  1. Scratches

Scratches are inevitable – no 4×4 accessoried can help with it.

Trying for a colour that doesn’t show scratches as clearly is a rational consideration. Lots of people believe that white (or similar) is the best shade for reducing the visual impact of light scratches. This is only really a consideration for the city 4WD.

If we’re talking about an offroad vehicle, and you plan on taking it across sand dunes, through the bush and over rocky terrain, around the outskirts of Perth, scratches are inevitable! So, why not get your beast out in the bush, get it on some narrow tracks, and listen to the delightful sound of vegetation on painted metal surfaces, as your vehicle fends off scratches where it can, and otherwise accepts them as normal wear and tear. You’ll really look like a 4WD enthusiast then.


What colour 4WD do you have? Is it a city or off-road rig? We’d love to know more about your 4WD. Share a picture of it with us via Instagram (@twd_4x4) and tag us to make sure we see it.

Feel free to share why you chose the colour of your 4WD… especially if it’s not your favourite colour.

TWD4X4 is a Perth custom 4×4 shop based in Osborne Park. We stock a variety of 4×4 accessories such as bull bars, suspensions, roller shutters for a range of vehicles including the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser’s and more.



Camping in Australia is one of the most pleasant experiences to have, even if you’re in a designated campground or Caravan Park camping zone. We think it’s the best way to forget about the work, unwanted social obligations and all of those mundane chores on the “to-do list”.

Just know that every camping trip has its fair share of chores, and this is where knowing what to pack for camping can be the difference between a hellish getaway, and a relaxing romp.

When deciding what to pack for camping, the two most important things to consider are:

  • Where you are staying; and
  • What sort of facilities does your camping spot have?

Power, water and ablutions are the basics that determine what sort of infrastructure you need with you. There’s no point carrying a massive generator and 500 liters of fresh water if it’s all there waiting for you.

Of course, having extension cords that allow you to tap into the power and containers to carry the water from the source to your, the campsite will be required, but we will get to this shortly.

Before we get stuck into things, there are a few other factors to consider before deciding what to pack for camping in Australia:

  • Comfort – it’s never advisable to make your camping trip so uncomfortable that the best part of the holiday was returning home.
  • Safety – it’s worth considering the fact you really do need to get home in one piece…
  • Convenience – I don’t know about you, but I get really annoyed when my life could be easier (such as seeing in the dark) if I’d only remembered to pack the spare batteries for the torch! Your convenience includes accessories for your car as well, anything which helps with extra storage space is a burden off your back.

Okay, let’s give you a hand knowing what to pack for camping in Australia to ensure a successful getaway for all involved.

If there’s anything obvious we’ve missed from our list of things that you find handy to have when you’re on your camping trips, be sure to share this with us in the comments section below.

  1. Bedding

We’re all so lucky today because there’s an amazing variety of mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, linens, rugs, etc. to choose from to ensure you have the right bedding option for any camping location.

Remember, comfort is the key and a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors sets your body and mind ready to tackle all those fun experiences.

  1. Shelter

Whether it’s a top-of-the-wozza swag on an elevated bed/mattress, a roof-top camper, or a massive family tent, the quality and design of your shelter are crucial to ensure you’re not exposed to elements that carry the potential to ruin your holiday.

There’s rain, dew, heat, sun and creepy crawlies (if they bother you) that could cause some significant issues unless you have got the appropriate shelter for your surroundings.

  1. Tucker & Water (or other drinks)

Yes, we all know that food and water are unlikely to slip peoples’ minds when considering what to pack for camping. But, we’re here to tell you very sincerely… the nicer the food, the better the camping experience.

It’s easy to chow down on tinned meals, but a few little luxuries such as cheese and crackers, olives, dips, your favorite beverages or fresh fruits can make an evening very pleasant before a light dinner.

Also, there’s nothing better than a big cook-up for breakfast prior to commencing your day of bushwalks, fishing or just sitting around soaking up the serenity.

Always pack a bit more than you need, just in case you are traveling somewhere remote (as the risk of breakdown and getting stuck is never too far away). This is very important when it comes to water.

After all – it’s always better to have a little too much, than too little!

If you’re a little stuck on ideas for camp food, check out our Off-Road Tucker series, where we share some ultra-tasty camping recipes.

  1. Light

Even a full moon and a sky packed with stars don’t quite cut it when it comes to adequate camp lighting. Whether you prefer a gas lantern or low wattage LED lighting, the convenience of good lighting cannot be underestimated?.

There are so many routine activities that really do require a reasonable amount of light. Things like doing the evening dishes, setting up your fishing rigs for the next day, reading that the novel that you haven’t touched in months, or playing Jenga with the kids, is simply too arduous without good lighting.

Don’t forget mobile light – head torches, handheld torches… whatever works best for you… simply must be packed for camping (along with adequate spare batteries or charging gear!).

  1. Tables and Chairs

We all love to eat from our laps… sometimes. But more often than not, you’ll appreciate adding a table(s) to put your gear on, eat at, play games on and keep food away from the critters on the ground.

Your rear end was made for sitting, and this is so much more comfortable in a good quality chair. There are so many designs out there nowadays, so try some out and get what works best for you. Remember, comfort and practicality don’t often go hand-in-hand, so for the sitting enthusiasts, you may have to be prepared to get more than one chair!

  1. Cooking Gear

No not what you think, Breaking Bad fans. We’re talking about eating amazing food prepared out in the open during a camping trip! The only things that make this even better are if it follows a busy day of soaking up the great Australian outdoors.

So, it’s important to ensure you have the right gear, and that it’s stored during travel in a way to avoid breakage and damage. Many campers use heavy-duty crates or plastic boxes.

Ultimately, the essentials list depends on you, but here’s our list of what to pack for camping when it comes to cooking items:

  • Gas cooktop (or BBQ briquettes if that’s your preference)
  • Pots, pans and other cooking surfaces such as grill or plate
  • Cooking utensils including a good knife and bottle opener & corkscrew Cutting boards
  • Eating utensils such as plates, cups, knives, and forks, etc
  • Washing up gear such as a plastic tub, detergent (biodegradable), sponges and tea towels
  • Rubbish disposal items such as heavy-duty bags
  1. Clothing and Footwear

Even though you don’t get in the car to start your camping trip completely naked, that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to forget the right amount and type of clothing for the trip. Always consider the weather, and what activities you’re going to be doing (if any at all!).

Don’t forget to pack the right shoes for the activities you will be enjoying and casual stuff for around camp is an absolute must.

Footwear is very important, but we always encourage getting your feet directly connected to the earth at least once during your camping trip.

  1. Health and Hygiene

There’s nothing like getting back to nature including letting yourself get a bit smelly and dirty, but don’t overdo it so that you or others in your care get sick.

We highly recommend a top-quality first aid kit or two (one for the car and one for the campsite), plus the normal hygiene items that you would take on most holidays. We’re not staying in hotels, so don’t rely on soap and shampoos growing on trees!

Depending on where you are going, there is always the possibility of mosquitoes or midges, so be prepared with repellents.

As always, good quality sun protection is a necessity – this is the Australian outback after all!

  1. The Fun (and Practical) Stuff

You can never have absolutely everything with you each camping trip, but some of the items we like to think to make camping a bit more enjoyable (and practical) are:

  • Binoculars
  • Games
  • Music
  • Clothesline and pegs
  • Floor mats (especially for dusty sites)
  • Extra towels
  1. Tools [BONUS ITEM]

Oh, yes…

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you have a problem that could be simply overcome with the right tool (or even a small selection of multi-tools). The tools can be anything to help with your car (tyres, suspensions etc) to your camping needs.

We recommend checking out your local camping store for the right mix of tools that will get you through most situations.

Now that you know what you have to pack if you’re a fellow Sandgroper check out our recent blog post for the best camping spots near Perth.

Everyone has their favorite camping must-haves and we’d love to know what yours are. Please share with us your essential items to pack when camping ⛺.


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