Ford Ranger Snorkel and Airbox Kit (2.0L) PX3/Raptor – VIKOR INDUSTRIES


These 4″ stainless steel Ford Ranger snorkels are powder-coated in a satin black locally, and come in a seamless finish.

The fitting kit comes with:

  • Full colour installation instructions supplied
  • Cutting template
  • Aeroflow 90 degree silicone bend
  • 2 hose clamps
  • Pinchweld for cut hole opening
  • Screws

We pair our favourite Ford Ranger Snorkel from VIKOR INDUSTRIES and the custom made Alloy Airbox from PSICO for the PX3 / Raptor Biturbo engine.

The all Australian Fabricated Air Box is packed with features ensuring it is your first choice when you a looking to upgrade your vehicles intake system.

  • The High-quality Australian made Air Box is fabricated from 2.5 mm Aluminium sheet metal ensuring high strength and no rust ever.
  • PSICO® Performance Air Boxes feature a 10-mm thick acrylic lid engraved with PSICO® Performance logo. This lid allows easy inspection and maintenance of your air filter. It is also simple to tell if any water has ingress into the system requiring drainage. Being a simple to check system ensures you will never have to worry about possible engine failure or premature wear due to an excessively blocked air filter or possibly water in the inlet system
  • The Air Box mounts into the factory location and is mounted on robust mounts.
  • The Air Box comes standard with a 4“inlet allowing easy connection to 4″stainless steel snorkels and can be adapted to suit most factory style plastic snorkels.
  • The Air Box comes standard in a durable satin black powder coat finish.
  • The Air Box features an easy to access billet drain port fitted with a quarter turn drain valve. This valve can be left open during normal conditions or easily closed to completely seal your air box when travelling through water crossings.
  • Utilizing large conical PSICO® Performance clamp on filters ensures that no air or dust can bypass the air filter.
  • This can be a frequent problem associated with compression sealed cylinder or panel type filters.
  • Easy to follow instructions and cutting templates make installing the kit simple.  It can easily be installed DIY in a few hours.
  • All Australian Fabricated construction. Your money stays in Australia and supports Australian businesses, jobs and families.
  • Available with a range of long life cleanable/washable PSICO® Performance air filters to suit your specific needs.
  • Available with a range of plumbing installation kits to suit your vehicles engine/ turbo setup.
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 130 × 30 × 20 cm


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