About TWD 4x4

Where Form and Function Co-Exist With

a Touch of Street Style

At TWD 4×4, our journey began with a spark – one that was ignited by our love for amazing-looking vehicles, as well as the Aussie outdoor lifestyle.

We first took our first steps as a tyre wholesaler in Perth, supplying the essentials that kept vehicles rolling. However, in 2018 we saw an opportunity to expand into 4×4 accessories and modifications, an industry in Australia that seemed a little stale and stagnant.

As time passed, so did our aspirations. It was during this transformation that we noticed a gap in the market that begged to be filled. It existed in the realm of 4×4 accessories, where form and function coexist, with a touch of street style.

We took the leap, bridging the gap between utility and aesthetics, and TWD 4×4 was born.

At TWD 4x4,

What Drives Us?

The team at TWD 4×4 Australia, like our cars, are built differently. A team of business minds, design aficionados, and car enthusiasts who saw the potential of helping others find their dream 4×4.

From the outside, we spotted the potential to redefine 4×4 vehicle aesthetics in Australia. It’s not just about conquering rugged landscapes; it’s about crafting experiences, melding design with functionality, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our love for design and cars found a new avenue, one that merged the thrill of off-road with the allure of customisation.

Crafting Adventures,
One Vehicle at a Time

In a world where uniqueness is treasured, TWD 4×4 stands as a testament to exclusivity. Our arsenal of products isn’t just sourced; it’s curated. This isn’t just about having something others don’t; it’s about offering our clients an experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

But it’s not just about what we offer – it’s how we offer it. At TWD 4×4, we don’t simply deliver vehicles; we deliver an experience. Our personalised approach means that every vehicle leaving our workshops is fulfilling the client’s unique taste and requirements.

Delivering Your 4x4 Dreams

At the core of TWD 4×4 lies our commitment to you – the adventurer, the dreamer, and the seeker of something a little bit different. Our expertise extends beyond selling products; it’s about crafting journeys. We specialise in planning, designing, and providing installation support to tailor 4×4 vehicles to the unique needs of each customer.

Your journey isn’t just about the destination; it’s about the path you take. At TWD 4×4, we don’t just return a stock vehicle to you; we deliver lifestyle companions for your odyssey. Every inch of design, every thread of customisation, and every bolt of engineering is dedicated to ensuring that your 4×4 adventure becomes a symphony of style and substance.

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