Ford Raptor Snorkel and Airbox Kit (2018-2023) – Fabulous Fabrications

We pair our favourite Ford Raptor Snorkel with the custom made Alloy Airbox from Fabulous.

The Fabulous Alloy Airbox for Ford Raptor is made from the finest 3mm aluminium, laser cut and folded for precision accuracy and fully tig welded to guarantee longevity and a superior quality finish.

Each airbox comes powdercoated Dulux Mannex Black, with an Australian made Unifilter air filter designed specifically for the Ford Raptor Airbox, 6mm nitrile gasket, alloy pressure plate and 8mm perspex lid with laser engraved Fabulous Fabrications logo, to ensure a long lasting seal. They also feature a CNC machined, one piece billet aluminium weld in MAF housing designed to factory specs, ensuring there are no issues with your vehicle throwing out codes.



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