Hamer Knight Series Roll Bar – DMAX/BT50 2020+

TWD 4×4 is the exclusive retailer of Hamer 4×4 in Australia, bringing you the best USA-made Knight Series Roll Bar for DMAX/BT50.

Introducing the Knight Series Sports Bar, an amalgamation of rugged design and cutting-edge functionality crafted exclusively for off-road adventurers. This sports bar is much more than an accessory; it’s a statement of your passion for the wild and a testament to your bold personality.

Featuring a shielded design with straight-edged inserts, the Knight Series Sports Bar adds a dash of brawniness to your 4WD. What sets it apart, however, is the integrated brake light, a subtle detail that ensures safety without compromising style.

But that’s not all; the Knight Series Sports Bar doesn’t just enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics—it completes them. Your 4WD will exude an unmatched aura of toughness, power, and readiness, turning heads wherever you venture.

Don’t just upgrade—transform your 4WD experience with the Knight Series Sports Bar. Join the league of the exceptional, the adventurous, and the unstoppable.



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