Hamer Premium Series Roll Bar – DMAX/BT50 2020+

SKU: SB1602-D20

TWD 4×4 is the exclusive retailer of Hamer 4×4 in Australia, bringing you the best USA-made Roll Bar for DMAX/BT50.

Journey off the beaten path with the Premium Series Sports Bar, your ultimate companion for off-road adventures. Engineered with excellence, this full-length sports bar features Hamer-branded inserts, blending style with rugged functionality that stands up to the most challenging terrains.

Illuminate your drive with integrated rear brake lights, a defining feature of this sports bar that enhances visibility for added safety. The thick tube design not only provides a robust and sturdy construction but also adds an aggressive, commanding aesthetic to your vehicle.

Whether you’re a seasoned off-road enthusiast or a casual explorer equip your ride with the Premium Series Sports Bar and embrace the thrill of the great outdoors. With Hamer 4×4 you’re investing in a journey filled with adventures and experiences that will last a lifetime.



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