Next Gen Ford Bonnet Mounted Cube Lights (Ranger, Raptor, Everest)



Category: Lighting

What better way to add some functional light and a unique overall aesthetic than with bonnet mounted cube lights for your Next Gen Ranger, Raptor or Everest.

The VIKOR INDUSTRIES VKX Cube Lights are perfect for mounting to your bonnet with locally engineered brackets to suit general work and lifestyle purposes.

This Cube Light was the first product released by VIKOR INDUSTRIES, and is defined by our trademark design utilising a black housing unit and reflector. Perfect for those who dislike chrome as much as we do, and are chasing a premium, neat and mean black finish with their 4×4 LED Lights. For those who require additional output, you can opt for the Performance model, which comes in a typical chrome finish.

Both passenger and/or drivers’ side brackets included.



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