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Protect your modern 4WD's extended rear with robust Rear Bars, enhancing both safety and style.

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Rear Bar

When you own a 4WD vehicle, ensuring its protection should always be a top priority. That’s why installing defensive equipment like rear bars is crucial for both your vehicle and your safety. Many 4WDs come with stock plastic rear bumpers that offer little resistance even to minor impacts. In the event of a collision with solid objects like rocks or trees, these bumpers can easily get damaged. To safeguard your vehicle, it’s essential to have rear bars and protective components in place.

Rear bars and protective parts serve a similar purpose to bull bars, but they are installed on the rear side of your vehicle. Typically constructed from sturdy steel and covering the rear section of your vehicle, these rear bars provide an extra layer of defense. Some rear bars may also accommodate spare tires or other accessories. At TWD 4×4, we offer high-quality rear bars that significantly enhance your vehicle’s protection. You can confidently navigate challenging conditions knowing that your vehicle is secure and well-guarded.

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