2022 Toyota Prado Discussion (Toyota Prado Accessories)

The quintessential Toyota Prado has been on Australian roads for nearly 20 years, garnering a reputation as one of the hardest and most dependable 4WDs in Australia.

As most Toyota Prado owners will know, the Prado is more than just a car that will get you from A to B. It’s a vehicle made for adventure and has attracted much popularity with young families who want to explore the great outdoors without breaking the bank, yet not sacrificing the luxury, comfort, and safety features that you’ve come to expect from Toyota semi-luxury vehicles.

It also happens to be a vehicle that lacks a great range of aftermarket accessories. The TWD 4×4 team are working hard provide customers with more Prado Bull Bar options and other aftermarket Toyota Prado Accessories to install.

We’re really excited about the new 2022 Prado, which is just about to arrive. We can’t wait to check out all of the features.


What’s the latest and what should you be aware of?

The Toyota Landcruiser is one of the most recognisable vehicles in Australia. It has been appreciated by vehicle lovers for a long time for its toughness and luxury interior (and of course that Toyota engine).

Not too long ago, Toyota released the new 300 Series Landcruiser to the world. That’s received enough fanfare for now, which has resulted in a 3-year back order before you can get your hands on a 300 Series in Australia!

It was also rumored that Toyota were working on an improved version of the Prado – an all new 2022 Prado which is touted to be the best and most powerful Prado ever.

The Toyota Prado last underwent a substantial redesign in 2009, however Toyota has released several minor modifications throughout the years. The Prado, which is still available in several foreign markets, underwent a slight facelift as recently as June 2021 to commemorate Landcruiser’s 70th anniversary.


What were the changes implemented in the new Prado?

While any important details of the upcoming 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado are scarce, some sources advise that the new model will retain its ladder-frame underpinnings, with much inspiration and features to come from the 300 Series Landcruiser. It is a huge step up from the current and the ageing Prado, of course which is powered by a 2.8L turbo-diesel – good for 150kW and 500Nm.

But if the reports mentioned by the Best Car Web published from Japan are proved to be accurate, the new model which is mere months away will be able to tap into the turbo-diesel power of the Landcruiser 300’s 3.3-litre V6, which means a massive 227kW and 700Nm.

This is not just going to be the most powerful Prado ever, but reportedly one the more powerful diesel engine to have ever lived inside any Landcruiser.

The exterior will likely evolve to a bigger, boxier style as well. The LED headlights are the same triple set up, in addition to the L-shaped LED DRLs.


Why is the Toyota Prado loved amongst car enthusiasts?

Prado’s are known for their spectacular entrances. The vertical bar chrome front grille of the Prado makes it easily recognizable, and the 2022 Prado will likely be equally as impressive.

Of course, we aren’t huge fans of chrome finishes at TWD 4×4, so we have a selection of aftermarket Prado grills to upgrade to. These are a perfect finish touch when fitting any of our Prado bull bars, or even with the stock bumper.

We’ll be sure to have all the new Toyota Prado Accessories ready soon after people start taking delivery of their 2022 Prado.


Is the Prado capable for offroad use?

In a word, yes.

The Prado is a powerful SUV which is as capable on the beach, medium offroad terrains, and long country driving. That comes with their reputable levels of comfort and security.

It is typically limited on max tyre size, however a Prado lift kit and bull bar will ensure you can get the biggest possible tyres in to assist with your offroad adventures.

Ask the TWD 4×4 crew about some upgrades to get your 150 Prado fit for exploring and outdoor adventures.


Toyota Prado Accessories

We have a few Prado 150 Bull Bar options at TWD 4×4, but our favourite Prado bull bars come from Hamer 4×4 Australia.

The Hamer King Series Bull Bar for Prado 150 Series are available for each era as pictured below.



The TWD 4×4 Perth HQ have been working with Hamer to develop their King Series Plus Bull Bar, which is already proving popular in a colour code finish (completed locally in-house). Once the 2022 Prado is released, we’ll get to work with Hamer to get a new Prado bull bar out for everyone to enjoy.

Profender 4×4 provide us with world class Prado Lift Kits. Profender Premium Suspension are a world class manufacturer of all suspension products, and made a name for themselves with arguably the best off-road racing shocks in the world. That’s many of the biggest brands in the world go to them for manufacturing – think Superior Engineering, TJM, Lovells, Tough Dog and so many more!

We figured, why pay for everyone else’s advertising and branding costs, when you can just go straight to the manufacturer and have them supply their top shelf products direct.

The crew at TWD 4×4 HQ have put together three sets of Toyota Prado Lift Kits for customers:

  1. Heavy Duty (Twin Tube) Shock – entry level heavy duty shock from Profender, which is defined by two separated fluid areas within the working cylinder. The basic damping mechanism within twin tube shocks are sufficient for standard on-road conditions and light off road use. Ideal for Prado owners who are chasing a Toyota Prado Lift Kit simply for added height/clearance, and a comfortable ride with minimal off-road performance.
  2. Monotube 2.0 Shock – the Profender Monotube gas shock is defined by single cylinder mechanism, with a high pressure nitrogen gas that never interacts with the hydraulic fluid. This design eliminates any aeration or foaming, optimising for the best performance in any given driving conditions as needed. It provides increased responsiveness, more vehicle stability, less body roll and greater longevity of your shocks. This is an absolutely world class shock built from the Profender Racing Shock team (check the sort of stuff being developed by Profender Shocks here). Our most popular Toyota Prado Lift Kit is the stage 2 Prado Lift Kit with Monotube shocks.
  3. Remote Res (8-Step Adjustable) – Built on the Monotube 2.0 shock with flexibility when it comes to preferred responsiveness of your shock. This is controlled with the adjustable knobs to dampen or tighten your ride (front and rear). Perfect for variable-use city driving, high speed, beach, off-road and towing.  If you’re towing caravans and heavy loads, consider adding airbags to your quote.

Of course, no Toyota Prado 150 Lift Kit is complete without a wheel and tyre package. We have access to all of the big name wheel and tyre suppliers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message to see what’s in stock.

Nathan is our Brisbane expert, his knowledge, expertise and knowhow are unparalleled. And he wants to help you build your dream 4×4.

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