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At TWD 4×4, we offer high-quality Air Suspension kits for the Next Gen Everest from Airbag Man that are designed to fit perfectly inside your vehicle’s coil springs. These kits are specifically engineered to provide maximum control over your vehicle’s front-to-back and side-to-side levelling, which is especially useful when towing or carrying uneven loads.

With the Next Gen Everest Airbag Man Suspension kits, you’ll be able to level up your vehicle effortlessly by inflating and deflating the airbags using the standard inflation valve facility, which operates in a similar way to inflating and deflating your vehicle’s tires. These airbags are built to last, thanks to their durable polyurethane construction, which ensures many years of comfortable and stable use for your vehicle.

At TWD 4×4, we take pride in offering the best products on the market, and the world-renowned Australian-made suspension helper kits from Airbag Man are no exception.

Airbag Man Air Suspension kits don’t just provide a perfect solution for fixing spring sag; they come packed with a wide range of features and benefits that will make your ride smoother and more enjoyable. The Next Gen Everest Airbag Kit includes two airbags, high-pressure sleeves, airbag end protectors, air line tubing, two inflation valves, and full instructions to ensure easy installation.

If you require a High-Pressure kit for heavy towing or vehicles that are loaded to their maximum allowable weights, we’ve got you covered, with inflation up to 60psi. These Air Suspension kits that will help you level up your vehicle with ease, providing superior control and stability, while also ensuring a smoother, more comfortable ride.

A perfect addition to the Next Gen Everest Lift Kits available across Australia.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 23 × 28 × 36 cm


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