Next Gen Ranger Nudge Bar by VIKOR INDUSTRIES

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Category: Bull Bar

TWD 4×4 Australia are excited to announce our partnership with the VIKOR INDUSTRIES team to usher in a new era of lightweight design, performance and sophistication with their Diablo Bull Bar, Front Bar and Nudge Bar Collection.

This new-age Next Gen Ford Ranger Nudge Bar is the epitome of premium craftsmanship, which transcends traditional nudge bar design and construction.

Not only does this Next Gen Ford Ranger Nudge Bar elevate the overall vehicle aesthetic with unparalleled visual appeal, but it has also been specifically designed with lifestyle and off-road functionality in mind.

Consider pairing the VIKOR Ford Ranger Nudge Bar with a Lift Kit, Electric Shutter, Wheels and Tyres or any of our other Next Gen Ranger Accessories!

What are the Features of the Next Gen Ranger Nudge Bar?

  • Australian Owned, Designed and Engineered
  • ADR and Airbag Tested
  • Premium Lightweight Stainless Steel Construction | Total Weight approx. 12kg
  • Compatible with all Factory Safety Features (Parking Sensor, Camera, ACC etc.) – Please note there is minor camera interference, see photo attached.
  • Welded mounting tabs to suit VIKOR INDUSTRIES Spartan Spot Lights or any spotties with a sleek depth profile.
  • Finished in the VIKOR Luxe Matte Black Powdercoat.
  • Also suits the Next Gen Everest (a cross compatible Next Gen Ford Everest Nudge Bar).

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