VIKOR INDUSTRIES VK301 LED Light Bar (30″ Single Row)

VIKOR INDUSTRIES 30 Inch Light Bar (Single Row) is perfect for mounting on top of (or, as applicable, integrating into) bull bars exclusively available at TWD 4×4 such as Hamer, Option 4WD or Fab Fours.

This 4×4 LED Light Bar was the first product released by VIKOR INDUSTRIES, and is defined by our trademark design utilising a black housing unit and reflector. Ask your nearest TWD 4×4 about the VIKOR LED LIGHT BARS today, and be sure to pair it with some of our other product favourites.

Perfect for those who dislike chrome as much as we do, and are chasing a premium, neat and mean black finish with their 4×4 LED Light Bar. If you require more light output than the aesthetically pleasing Midnight/Blackout lighting range, then you can opt for the VK301 Performance LED Light Bar.