Electric Roller Shutter

Secure your ute or truck tub with our sleek Electric Shutters.
Pair with sports bars, cross bars, or tub racks for versatile storage.

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Electric Roller Shutter

Electric shutters are a versatile solution for your load bed, providing protection from harsh weather and theft. Our electric shutter offerings ensure:

A secure fit, preventing water ingress and featuring effective drainage in severe weather.
Lockable positions for versatile load handling and security.
Interlocking roller panels for enhanced durability and theft deterrence.

Our electric shutters, like all our products, are crafted from high-quality materials built to withstand Australian conditions. Lightweight yet strong construction, coupled with UV-resistant powder coating, ensures durability and colour retention even in intense sunlight. Available for various vehicle makes and models they work seamlessly with sports bars, ladder racks, cross bars, and more, without compromising your vehicle’s functionality. When closed, they roll away neatly, preserving your load space.

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