We love our mall crawler builds at TWD 4×4, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t 100% serious about finding the best products in the market for off-road performance. Every product we stock, we stand by.

One thing we’d been noticing across the 4×4 tyre market (particularly with ATs), was our customers were getting far less km’s from their brand tyres.

Granted, we understand that the majority of the legends who come through our doors are “full send” individuals, who typically may not get extended use out of their shoes, but when the rest of the 4WD community started saying they were getting less than 40,000km out of some of their big name brand tyres, we started to do some investigation.

That’s when we stumbled across Roadcruza RA1100 tyres.

We caught up with the Roadcruza Australia team over a couple of beers, and checked out their RA Series, which consists of ATs, Rugged and Muds.

First impressions were great. The tread pattern of the Roadcruza RA1100 AT really caught our eye… think BFG KO2, and you’ll be pretty close. What we were a little weary of, was the price. There wasn’t any way they could deliver a good, all-round 4×4 tyre at that sort of price. How wrong we were.

We weren’t able to find many Roadcruza RA1100 reviews, but had a few unbiased sources to get the low down on their product. After a bit of consideration, we initially agreed to give them a crack on our personal/show vehicles and see how things went from there. This soon flourished into the introduction of their full RA Series in our store, and the Roadcruza RA1100 becoming our #1 recommendation for many 4WD owners.

Before this happened though, we also got in touch with the Western 4WDriver for an extra opionion, and to run some testing on the Roadcruza RA1100 for us.

Here’s their story that was published for all of Australia to read.


Roadcruza RA1100 Review

We asked the Western 4WDriver to road test a set of Roadcruza RA1100 AT tyres, and provide us with some feedback.

Having only just put new rubber on their LC200, we fit a set to a 120 Series Prado prior to an extended trip up to Kakadu where they would cover the widest range of road conditions.

Once fit, the Roadcuzas looked great. Utilising an all-terrain pattern very similar to other brands, the tyres generated very little road noise and felt like they gripped the wet road quite well. Just over 10,000km later we checked in for an update.

“In the course of our three-week trip we drove on just about every type of surface; bitumen, gravel, rock, sand and mud. While towing on the bitumen we ran the rear tyres at 50 PSI and the fronts at 40.”

At the end of their trip, the tyres didn’t really show any visible wear and tear and road noise was still at a minimum.

“I’d be more than happy to fit these tyres again when required. The retail price is quite reasonable and given their performance over the last three weeks I cannot fault them” our Prado driver said.

The Roadcruza RA1100 ATs are a tough tyre, sporting 10 ply sidewalls and a semi Roadcruz-ing aggressive tread pattern which makes them ideal for bitumen and off-road use.

They are manufactured in China by Yinbao Tyre Group (who supply OEM tyres to Hino, Futon, Kawasaki and Komatsu – just to name a few).

G Sport Tyres Pty Ltd is the national distributor for Roadcruza and have been selling them for the last two years. Stephen Gurman, TWD 4×4 Sales Manager says:

“In the last two years we have established some very loyal clients who will often travel to Perth to get replacement tyres or to fit new vehicles with the Roadcruzas. It’s a real testament to the tyre’s toughness and reliability that our customers are using them in some pretty harsh conditions and love them.”

The tyres tested were an LT265/70R17 Roadcruza RA1100 AT with a 10ply sidewall rating. TWD 4X4 stock the complete range of Roadcruza and will have something to suit your needs.

Find out more product information on their website and connect with them on their socials. Roadcruza have just started their expansion across Australia, so there are plenty of great promotions and specials to take advantage of.

If you have any questions about Roadcuza products, or would like to check them out in person, swing by TWD 4×4, a Perth custom 4WD store. We’re more than happy to give you some advice.

Harry is our Sydney-based 4×4 expert, he knows everything there is to know about 4WD’s and loves testing out new products.

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