VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter Review [November 2021]

Product Review – VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter [November 2021]

Who’s in search of Ford Ranger Roller Shutter Perth or abroad? They’re running hot right now. Share this one with your friends, and feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the pros and cons of a Ford Ranger Roller Shutter in Perth today 😈



As a standard, most of the utes arrive at one of the TWD 4×4 workshops with a factory tub and roll bar.

Now this is perfect for general storage of items and oversized goods (all but guaranteeing you’re the first point of call for helping out a mate with delivering the new couch), however, by itself, there is no security, nor any water, sun or dust protection. Depending on the use of your ute, this can pose major issues.

That’s why we’re seeing big demand for Electric Roller Shutters, particularly the Ford Ranger Roller Shutter from VIKOR INDUSTRIES. There are plenty of brands out there to choose from, but we’ve settled on VIKOR INDUSTRIES because of their commitment to a premium finish, and constant product development. They’re also a WA-based brand, so what better than supporting those in your own back yard.



The VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter is a premium advanced, retractable cover for the back of your ute, specifically designed to keep your belongings safe, without sacrificing on the overall look of your vehicle. It is a real shout for those Ford Ranger Roller Shutter hunters and many other ute or truck owners!

They’re so confident in in their product that they offer an industry-leading 24-month warranty on the VIKOR Electric Roller Shutter when installed with their dealers.

TWD 4×4 (Perth) are proud to say we’re the exclusive retailers of all Ford Ranger Roller Shutter products and accompanying extras.

So, what’s all the fuss about when it comes to this Electric Roller Shutter?



Secure and Spacious

The VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter was engineered with a theft-resistant design, and there are no physical handles to break for maximum security.

It also comes with a smaller motor canister unit to maximise the amount of space in your tray (e.g. Ford Ranger Roller Shutter motor canister extends approx. 33cm from inside of tub).

There is also jamming prevention technology to avoid limbs / tub contents from being caught in the Electric Roller Shutter.





The electric roller shutter is waterproof and weather resistant, utilising VIKOR INDUSTRIES’ exclusive sealing and water draining systems. The built-in gutters and integrated plumbing lines ensure the tub cannot be filled with water, meaning things in your tray actually stay dry… (which is something new for all you Wildtrak owners 😈).




Easy Installation and Use

The installation process is simple for the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter as it utilises a clamp system (with no drilling) and basic wiring.

It is also easy to use; owners can open, close and pause their retractable roller cover or roller shutter with just one simple “click” and through their factory key. The Keychain Remote Controls (2 included) come with start, stop and pause buttons, as well as three-stage light control. Mobile app control is also coming soon!

We also wire in a switch through to your cab so you can open and close your electric roller shutter from inside your vehicle.




LED Lights

The electric roller shutter comes with a LED strip light for the centre tray with 3-stage adjustment (low/med/high) from your 2 included remote controls. This provides perfect illumination for any situation.



VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter range are made from Premium Lightweight Aluminium, with self-lubricated nylon rollers and clutch geared motor.

Given it is self-retractable with no ability to open manually, the integrity of the roller shutter is not subject to variable force and mistreatment than many manual roller shutters are subject to.

It’s for the reason that VIKOR INDUSTRIES have chosen not to offer a manual roller shutter.



The reinforced, flat side rail design allows for fitting of OEM sports bars (with minor cutting and fabricated brackets – please discuss options with the TWD 4×4 team), as well as most popular aftermarket sports and roll bars, such as certain Hamer 4×4 and Option 4WD roll bars.

Most RHINO-Rack cross bars and general tub accessories are a perfect fit for install as well.


Specifications – VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter 

Material Premium Lightweight Aluminium
Installation Time 4-5 Hours (approx. with an open tray) + Coding Time
Weight 34 -45kg (depending on model)
Warranty INDUSTRY LEADING 24-Month
Electric Roller Shutter Control Standard Keychain Remote Controls (2)

Factory Key Coded

Cabin Switch

Mobile App [COMING SOON!]

Terms & Conditions *Pictures are for display purposes only, and the actual product may slightly vary.

*Only suitable for dual cab utes.

*We strongly recommend regular cleaning of the shutter to ensure dust and foreign elements don’t interfere with product functionality.

*Off-road use may subject the shutter to scratching and fault. This will void manufacturers’ warranty on Electric Roller Shutter.

Vehicle Compatibility Ford Ranger Roller Shutter, LDV Roller Shutter, Roller Shutter Mitsubishi Triton, DMAX Roller Shutter, Toyota Hilux SR5 Roller Shutter, Amarok Roller Shutter and more. Check out the full range here.
Sports Bar Compatibility May be compatible with certain aftermarket sports bars pending mounting system. Most factory Sports Bars are compatible with brackets supplied by VIKOR Industries.


Get in touch with TWD 4×4 today to find out more about the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter.



Nathan is our Brisbane expert, his knowledge, expertise and knowhow are unparalleled. And he wants to help you build your dream 4×4.

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