2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar – Hamer King Series Bull Bar

It’s taken a bit of time, but you can finally get down to TWD 4×4 for a 2021 Navara Bull Bar.

Hamer 4×4 Australia are the first exclusive brand at TWD 4×4 to bring out a 2021 Navara Bull Bar, with both their King Series (no loop) and King Series Plus (triple loop) now available.

Even with some of the classic “big lift, wheels and tyres” Navara crowd are transitioning into the facelift model, there’s certainly nothing to complain about with the overall design of the Hamer Bull Bar. We think the King Series Bull Bar (no loop) is an even better fit and finish than Hamer’s front bar to suit the pre-facelift np300.

Do you think we’re right?




So let’s jump into a few main features of the 2021 Navara Bull Bar.

Most importantly, you’ll notice that Hamer’s Nissan Navara Bull Bar has retained it’s classic, mean and aggressive finish in the powder-coated matte black with red HAMER logo. The design of the King Series Bull Bars has been at the cornerstone of Hamer’s success, as Hamer continues to rank as one of the most popular bull bar manufacturers on the market.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve rested on their laurels. Hamer have listened to the feedback of the 4×4 community and added rated recovery points to all 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bars supplied from April 2022. The Hamer Recovery Points are rated to 12,500LB. Recovery points are also included in recent models of other popular vehicles such as the Hilux, DMAX, Pajero Sport, BT50 and Toyota Prado. They are an optional extra for earlier models.

Another neat feature is the integrated light bar slot, which sited in the centre of the bar where the HAMER logo is. This means you can choose to run both a light bar AND spotties, or keep the your 20201 Navara Bull Bar nice and clean by fitting a light be in there as opposed to sitting on top of the bar. Unfortunately (for some), if you choose to integrate a light bar in this section you’ll lose the red HAMER logo, which can be a nice accent for certain setups. If you’re looking for a tough light bar to go with the 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar, we recommend the VK201 LED Light Bar from VIKOR INDUSTRIES, which is a black finish that goes PERFECTLY with the Hamer bar.

Given Hamer 4×4 Australia have a very select trusted retail network, it means that your Hamer products are usually no longer than 4-6 weeks out at worst… no waiting for 4 months for supply (which turns into 6 months pretty quickly). TWD 4×4 have been trusted with the exclusive supply and install rights in WA, and all Hamer products are available at our stores around Australia.

For those who want to finish the rear off the same way, consider pairing your Navara Bull Bar with the Hamer Nova Series Rear Bar. Superb combo!




Other important features of Hamer’s Nissan Navara np300 Bull Bar include:

  • Manufactured in Thailand from high quality, 3mm think steel.
  • Lightweight steel bar design at approx. 60kg.
  • ADR compliant and road legal across Australia (yes, we’re still asked this from time to time!).
  • ACC sensor compatible (you’ll see it sit front and centre with inbuilt mounting case within the bull bar).
  • Full bumper replacement, with no cutting or drilling required during install (take your bumper with you after install, or we’ll add it to the graveyard of front bumpers out back).
  • Winch compatible – we recommend the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Rescue VI 12,000lb Winch as a premium option or Runva 11XP Premium Winch for a budget / value alternative. Both will require relocation of control box. Please note that installation of a winch is encouraged at the time of installing your 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar, otherwise the Hamer Bull Bar will have to be removed if installing after the fact.
  • Slim line bull bar, which is a higher and tighter fit than many other alternatives. We have measured the distance from bonnet to the end of the D-Shackle mounts as around 250mm (a guide only). Very garage friendly!
  • Despite the slim line design, there is plenty of room to mount your light bars, spotties and antennas on top of this Nissan Navara np300 Bull Bar.
  • As with all Hamer Bull Bars (ex. Suzuki Jimny), included with the bar are LED fog lights, day time running light and indicator.




Because we set up the Hamer 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar differently based on our customer’s preferences and overall design goals, it can be hard to know what is (and isn’t) included with the bar. As a courtesy, we do like to throw in a set of Hamer’s Omega Shackles to finish off the front end. All skid plates, light bars, spotlights and antennas are optional extras.

If the bull bar isn’t enough, and you want to add some additional function and differentiating features to your 2021 Navara Bull Bar, consider some of the following:




Underbody Protection Plates

  • Hamer Skid Plate (front piece) for those who don’t send it too hard, and want to upgrade the factory plate to protect the radiator. Made from 3mm thick steel, and comes in a powder-coated red finish as standard.
  • Hamer Underbody Protection Plates (Full Set) for the serious offroaders. Made from 3mm thick steel, and comes in a powder-coated red finish as standard.




Suspension Upgrade

  • Even though the 2021 Navara Bull Bar from Hamer is a lightweight steel bar, if you’re running a winch and other nissan navara np300 accessories on top, you’re going to want to consider at least an upgrade of your front springs to allow for added load.
  • If you’re keen to get a lift kit sorted, we have the full range from Heavy Duty Twin Tube, all the way to an 8-Step Adjustable Remote Res setup. Get in touch with the crew for some advice on a Nissan Navara Lift Kit.



  • If you’re not a fan of the red accents and recovery points, we can sort out a colour code to your vehicle, or do a full black out. Make sure you have a chat to one of the crew about some custom options to separate your Nissan Navara np300 Bull Bar from the rest. At TWD 4×4, we will blackout the white Hamer badge as a standard, which finishes off the overall look of the black bull bar nicely.
  • A nice pair of chunky Ultimate Shackles from Hamer 4×4 are a really nice way to separate your Hamer Bull Bar from the rest. Available in black, red and grey – circlips included for added safety.


Now, if you’re after a little more protection for your radiator, Hamer 4×4 Australia have just released their King Series Plus Bull Bar for the face lift Nissan Navara np300.

The King Series Plus Bull Bar is simply the no-loop base, with added loops on top that are designed to shape around your front grill and headlights. This is without a doubt the tightest fitting 2021 Navara Bull Bar, so it certainly separates itself from the rest from a design and functionality sense.

This triple loop bull bar has all the standard features mentioned throughout this article. Weight is approximately 70kg.




So what do you think legends, is the Hamer King Series or King Series Plus on the consideration list as your 2021 Nissan Navara Bull Bar upgrade?

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about the Hamer Bull Bars, or request a quote online via our website.

Desmond brings a wealth of 4×4 experience to our Melbourne East store, and wants to share that knowledge with you!

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