Hamer Bull Bar FAQs (Hamer King Series Bull Bar) – TWD 4×4 [2022]

Are you considering a Hamer Bull Bar for your ute or truck? We’ve been installing these beasts for years now, so we’ve accrued a little bit of knowledge and experience along the way when it comes to the Hamer King Series Bull Bar.

As your exclusive Hamer 4×4 Australia supplier and installer in Perth, and with their full range of products available at our fitting centres in Melbourne and Sydney, we’re keen to share with you some of our most frequently asked questions from prospective Hamer Bull Bar purchasers.

Check out the FAQ list, and give us a yell if you have any further enquiries. We’ll update this post as regularly as possible. Please feel free to like and share with your mates if they’re considering a Hamer 4×4 Bull Bar 😈

Remember there are loads of Hamer King Series Bull Bar installation pictures and inspiration on our Facebook and Instagram.


Is the Hamer 4×4 Bull Bar ADR approved?

100% the Hamer Bull Bar is ADR approved – it satisfies all compliance-related regulations in each state and territory across Australia.


How far does the bull bar stick out?

This is a tight fitting bull bar, and there’s not many more on the market that’ll protrude less than the Hamer Bull Bar.

It’s going to differ between vehicle and each product ever so slightly, but you’re looking at up to 280mm from the front corner of your headlights. We’ll work our way through vehicle-specific measurements in time. Hamer Ford Ranger Bull Bars are around the 240mm protrusion from the front corner of your headlights.

The parts that are responsible for the majority of the protrusion are the D-Shackle mounts. Though these can be removed, however it is not recommended as the finish of the bar isn’t quite the same behind this part.


What’s the price of the Hamer King Series Bull Bar?

Ask us for the price list we have been provided by Hamer 4×4 Australia. Let us know if you’re keen to purchase a Hamer Bull Bar and we’ll make it happen at one of our locations across Australia.


Is the Hamer Bull Bar suitable for my vehicle?

Generally speaking, Hamer 4×4 Australia concentrate on popular and newer vehicles. Check out the product list and pricing we have been provided. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.


What’s included with the Hamer King Series Bull Bar?

Hamer 4×4 Bull Bar purchases included the front bar and all fitting parts, DRL/Fog lights and indicators. The D-Shackle mounts at the front are included, but it does not come with the red shackles to finish off the front end. This is an optional extra. So too is the front skid plate / bash plate.

It comes in a powder-coated black finish, with red HAMER logo and brackets under the bar. Please note these red brackets are not rated recovery points. Hamer 4×4 Australia will release their own rated recovery points shortly. We can customise these colours to make sure your vehicle stands out from the rest. *UPDATE: FORD RANGER RATED RECOVERY POINTS FOR HAMER BULL BARS ARE AVAILABLE NOW*

Note that the Suzuki Jimny Bull Bar does not come with indicators, and instead include cube fog lights. We like to sub these out with the VIKOR INDUSTRIES VKX LED Cube Lights. They look f*n awesome.


Is the bash plate included with the bull bar?

The skid plate / bash plate is an optional extra. Check out what’s included with the Hamer Bull Bar in the section above.


Can I get the Bull Bar colour coded?

All Hamer 4×4 Bull Bars are in a powder-coated black finish from factory. Hamer 4×4 Australia encourage us to handle the colour coding process locally at install to ensure accuracy of the colour match, and reduce the likelihood of damage in transit.

We have an in-house painting team who are able to colour scan your vehicle for all of your colour matching needs.


How much does the Bull Bar weigh?

Depends which bar, but you’re looking at around the 60kg mark as standard for most popular vehicles.


Do I need to upgrade my front springs to account for the bar?

It depends on your setup and vehicle. If you’re also getting a winch along with the Hamer Bull Bar, we typically recommend at least upgrading your front springs.


I don’t like the red, can you change the colour of the HAMER and brackets underneath?

It’s not something that Hamer offer from their factory, but we love to customise this stuff at TWD 4×4. You’ll see lots of black out and colour coded setups on our social media. Check out the gram if you’re after some ideas and inspiration, or go direct to the Hamer 4×4 Australia page.


Can you mount spotties and an antenna to the bull bar?

Yes plenty of room to mount your spotties, antenna and light bars etc. There may be a little bit of custom work required to get spotties mounted to slim fitting bars such as the DMAX 2020+. We love the range of blackout light bars from VIKOR INDUSTRIES – they finish off the Hamer Bull Bar very nicely 🙌


Where are Hamer 4×4 Accessories manufactured?

Manufactured in Thailand, and then rigorously tested here in Australia to ensure correct fitment and compliance is satisfied.


Can you supply only the Hamer Bull Bar?

TWD 4×4 have an agreement in place with Hamer 4×4 Australia to install all of their products in-house. This is because they care about their product, and want top quality installation done the right way to finish off vehicles with pride and expertise. We can supply only certain products, but it will void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Are the recovery points rated?

So what you see there in reality are red supporting brackets. They look like recovery points, but at the time of writing this, they aren’t yet rated. Hamer 4×4 Australia have indicated there will be a release shortly. *UPDATE: FORD RANGER RATED RECOVERY POINTS FOR HAMER BULL BARS ARE AVAILABLE NOW*


Is the Hamer Bull Bar winch compatible?

Yes the range of Hamer Bull Bars are winch compatible. You’ll fit most 12,000lb winches in there, but worthwhile checking before you purchase a winch. We like to use the Runva 11XP or VIKOR INDUSTRIES Rescue VI Winch.

It’s worth noting you will have to take the bar off if you want to install a winch after the fact, so we always say if you intend to get a winch, sort it at the same time as the Hamer bar. If not, it’s not the end of the world, but likely will result in a slightly increased install cost.


Will the bull bar accomodate my factory sensors and adaptive cruise control?

If your vehicle has factory parking sensors adaptive cruise control etc, the Hamer Bull Bar will accomodate for this.

Ford Everest owners will have to purchase new sensor surrounds however (as Ford have glued these to the factory bumper). Sensors have to be extended for the Pajero Sport (2020+) as they don’t reach the provided slots for the sensors in the bull bar.


I have a Ford Ranger Wildtrak, do I have to replace my grill if I’m getting a Hamer Bull Bar?

Given the factory Wildtrak grill extends down towards the bottom of the bumper, you’ll either have to cut the grill or find a different grill. We don’t think it looks very good cutting your grill, and if you want to sell your bumper then you’ll likely get something more reasonable for it with the grill still in tact! Much better sorting out an aftermarket grill or Raptor grill from ford – that’s what we do at TWD 4×4.

Desmond brings a wealth of 4×4 experience to our Melbourne East store, and wants to share that knowledge with you!

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