Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories: Enhancing Performance and Style

Are you looking to take your Next Gen Ford Ranger to the next level with some exclusive 4×4 accessories, mods and upgrades?

We’re often working on a dozen Next Gen Rangers on any given day across the TWD 4×4 Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney stores, so we’ve seen what the most popular Next Gen Ranger Accessories are with owners at the moment. Whilst the oil junkies sort out custom tuning for the bi-turbo and V6 engines, we’ve concentrated on accessories that are designed to elevate your Ranger’s capabilities, improve overall performance (on-road and off road), and, of course, enhance its overall appearance.
After all, it’s Australia’s top selling vehicle at the moment, so why would you want to look like everyone else?

Bull Bar

When it comes to great Aussie road trips and adventures, a Bull Bar has to be a priority for your Next Gen Ranger. If you opt to go with the right manufacturer, they will be engineered with durability and strength in mind, providing you with adequate protection against potential impacts from skippies, rocks, debris, and other wildlife. It also offers a mounting point for additional off-road lighting or a winch, making it a practical addition to your Next Gen Ford Ranger.

At TWD 4×4, we don’t think you should ever have to compromise on style in order to chase functionality. That’s why our growing selection of Front Bars or Bull Bars for Next Gen Rangers all look absolutely mint. Our core products from HAMER and Option 4WD are a guaranteed way to set your Ranger apart from the rest of the tens of thousands on the road in Australia!

Suspension Lift Kit

Take your off-road adventures to new heights, or get that added comfort and performance for day-to-day and city driving, with a Next Gen Ranger Lift Kit. This upgrade increases your Ranger’s ground clearance, allowing you to navigate uneven terrains with ease, allows for bigger wheels and tyres to be fit, and the right setup can add comfort, stability and performance on road. The Next Gen Ranger looks fantastic stock from factory, but even just a suspension lift kit with a nice set of wheels and tyres can set these things off big time! The Ford experts at TWD 4×4 Perth HQ have covered a few more reasons why you should consider a Next Gen Ranger Lift Kit in 2023.

Performance Exhaust System

Unleash the true potential of your Ford Ranger’s engine with a Performance Exhaust System. We’ve got an exclusive partnership with the WA local team MANTA, who provide world-class Next Gen Ranger Exhausts that provide improved horsepower, torque, and throttle response. Not only do they enhance performance, but the Manta Exhaust System also adds a deep, aggressive exhaust note that will turn heads wherever you go. Pair this with your 4″ Stainless Snorkel and EVC Throttle Controller and you’ve got yourself a neat entry level package that’s more than sufficient to get bystanders weak at the knees 😈

Electric Roller Cover

For added convenience and cargo protection, you must consider a Next Gen Ranger Electric Roller Cover for your ute bed. The VIKOR INDUSTRIES innovative new Electric Slideaway allows you to easily open and close the cover with the push of a button, remote or through your mobile. It provides weather resistance, security, and a premium streamlined appearance to your Ranger, making it ideal for both daily use and when travelling. Get down to TWD 4×4 to check these out in person!

Side Steps

Unfortunately the Flimsy Ford Factory side steps were carried over from the PX Series to the Next Gen Ranger. Although you might see these as one of those “nice-to-have” Next Gen Ranger accessories, this is a simple, easy and quick upgrade that can have your Ranger looking better than everyone elses. For a more sturdy and balanced first step for kids and partners, we love the OPTION 4WD V2 Side steps. These accessories provide a convenient and secure step up into your Ford Ranger’s cabin, providing passenger more confidence when getting in and out of your Ranger. They also offer additional protection to your truck’s lower body panels from rocks and other debris encountered during off-road excursions. For those who want to go a little more premium and fancy, you could consider the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Next Gen Ranger Electric Side Steps.

Driving Lights

Any night driving in Australia warrants a nice set of spotties or an LED Light Bar. They’re now designed to withstand harsh conditions, and the technology is so good with these lights now that just about all brands are going to provide exceptional visibility during nighttime off-roading or in low-light situations. Whether you choose light bars, spotlights, or floodlights, installing offroad lights will significantly enhance your safety and enjoyment during night driving.

Bonnet Protector

Protect your Next Gen Ranger from annoying scratches, dents, and insect residue with a nicely shaped bonnet protector. One of those often underrated Next Gen Ranger Accessories, a bonnet deflector is designed to deflects airflow, redirecting debris away from your windshield and hood. Not only does it safeguard your vehicle’s paintwork, but it also adds a touch of style to the front end. Especially with the big, boxy front end of the Next Gen Fords.

Seat Covers

Preserve the longevity and appearance of your Ford Ranger’s seats with high-quality Black Duck Seat Covers. We love to support Australian-made where possible, so the Next Gen Ranger Black Duck Seat Covers are an absolute must consider Next Gen Ranger Accessory. Available in various materials and designs, seat covers offer protection against spills, stains, and wear. They are easy to clean, maintain, and can be customised to match your personal style and preferences.

Rear Bar

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have someone drive into the back of you, you’ll know why a Next Gen Ranger Rear Bar is an important accessory. Not only does it add that protection, but beefing out the bum of your Ranger so match the big, bold front end is a great way to add a sense of ruggedness to your Ranger. Take a look at both the HAMER Rear Bar and OPTION 4WD Fighter Rear Bar for your Next Gen Ranger.

Fender Flares

Give your Ford Ranger a broader, bolder and more aggressive look with Fender Flares. These premium OEM finished EGR Flares or other Aftermarket Next Gen Ranger Flares not only enhance the overall appearance, but will provide extra tire coverage, protecting your vehicle from mud, rocks, and other debris encountered during off-road adventures. Fender flares are available in different styles and finishes, allowing you to customise the look of your Next Gen Ford Ranger while adding a practical touch.

Wheels and Tyres

A Next Gen Ranger Accessories rundown simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a wheel and tyre package. It doesn’t seem like many owners are fans of the factory wheel and tyre setup, especially if you’re hoping for a better aesthetic, and performance on the beach or offroad. TWD 4×4 offer a huge range of Next Gen Ranger wheel and tyre packages, featuring industry leaders such as Fuel, Black Rhino and KMC. Choose from a huge range of options, including alloy wheels in various designs and sizes, paired with high-quality off-road or all-terrain tyres from Maxxis and Roadcruza.


If you’re planning to take your Ford Ranger through water crossings or dusty environments, a Snorkel is a must-have accessory. Furthermore, this raised air intake system ensures that clean, dry air reaches your engine, reducing the risk of water or dust ingress. It helps improve engine performance and protects vital components, allowing you to tackle challenging off-road conditions with confidence. Should you opt for a VIKOR INDUSTRIES 4″ Stainless Snorkel (Satin Black) – you’ll also get a sleek, broadening finish that separates your Ranger from the rest. Oh, and did we mention the sexy whistle that comes with it? 😈

Roof Rack

Maximise your Ford Ranger’s cargo-carrying capacity with a Rhino Roof Rack. Whether you need to transport camping gear, sports equipment, or other bulky items, a roof rack provides a secure and convenient solution to get all your extra items to and from your destination with ease. With all the brackets, accessories and attachments on offer with the Rhino Roof Rack, there’s no limit to what sort of setup you can safely run with up top – such as lighting, awnings, tracks, tie downs etc.

Sports Bar

Depending on what model you’ve opted for, you may or may not have a factory sports bar. But if you want a unique finish for your Ranger, then an aftermarket sports bar can add some aggressiveness and ruggedness to your overall aesthetic.  No only would you be adding a stylish touch to your setup, but aftermarket sports bars from the likes of HAMER and Option 4WD also offer additional mounting points for accessories like auxiliary lights, antennas, or cargo carriers. They’re one of the more versatile Next Gen Ranger Accessories that combine functionality with visual appeal.

Throttle Controller

Unlock the full potential of your Ford Ranger’s throttle response with a Throttle Controller. At TWD 4×4 we run with the original and the best – the EVC Throttle controller – which allows you to adjust and fine-tune the sensitivity of your accelerator pedal, providing a more immediate and responsive throttle input. With different modes and settings available, you can customise the throttle response to match your driving preferences, whether it’s for enhanced performance or improved fuel efficiency. The Throttle Controller is easy to install and can significantly enhance your driving experience by eliminating any lag or delay in throttle response. These are a particularly good option if you’ve added extra weight with lots of Next Gen Ranger Accessories, including bigger wheels and tyres. By adding a Throttle Controller to your list of Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories, you can further elevate the performance and responsiveness of your Ranger, making every drive more enjoyable and engaging.

Next Gen Ranger Accessories – FAQs

  1. Are Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories compatible with older models of the Ford Ranger?Not at all – most Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories only suit the MY2022+ shape / chassis, with PX Series Ranger accessories remaining compatible within that series. However, it’s always recommended to check the compatibility before making a purchase.
  2. Can I install Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories myself, or do I need professional help?Many Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories are designed for easy installation and come with detailed instructions. If you have basic mechanical knowledge and tools, you can often install them yourself.However, for more complex accessories or if you’re unsure, it’s recommended to seek professional installation to ensure proper fitment and functionality. Of course, the TWD 4×4 Stores across Australia are here to support you if required. We’re working with the Next Gen Rangers daily at each of our workshops.
  3. Do Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories come with a warranty?Yes, all Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories available through TWD 4×4 come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The duration and specific terms of the warranty may vary depending on the accessory. It’s advisable to review the warranty information provided with each accessory or consult with the manufacturer for more details.
  4. Can Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories be painted or customised?Some Next Gen Ford Ranger Accessories can be painted or customised to match your OE colour or personal preference. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for painting or customisation to ensure a proper and durable finish.
  5. Will the Ford Performance Exhaust System void my warranty? No, the Performance Exhaust Systems are designed to work with your Ford Ranger and will not void your warranty. Of course, you will be required to keep your EGR. It is important you contact your dealership prior to any upgrades or modifications are carried out on your vehicle.
  6. Are the Next Gen Ranger Side Steps durable and long-lasting? Yes, the Option 4WD Side Steps are made of durable steel that can withstand heavy use.
Harry is our Sydney-based 4×4 expert, he knows everything there is to know about 4WD’s and loves testing out new products.

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