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Wheel & Tyre Package

Hit the road or the great outdoors with confidence courtesy of TWD 4×4’s bespoke 4×4 Wheel & Tyre Packages. Our selection is engineered to deliver the ultimate balance between form and function, ensuring your vehicle stands out and performs exceptionally in any condition.

Whether you’re gearing up for an epic outback adventure, carrying heavy loads across challenging landscapes, or simply need something to stand out from the rest, our professional advice around wheel and tyre combinations has proven invaluable for thousands of customers. At TWD 4×4, you get more than just wheels and tyres; you get a personalised experience around what best suits your budget, aesthetic taste and overall vehicle setup.

That’s why we encourage everyone to come in store to check out the display and the vehicles we’re working on – because there’s no substitute for seeing things in the flesh.

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