Hamer King Series Next Gen Ranger Bull Bar

SKU: AM106-F22

Next Gen Ranger Bull Bar – Hamer King Series Bull Bar (will also suit Next Gen Ford Everest)

Quickly becoming a staple name in the 4×4 Accessories industry, Hamer 4×4 have produced one of the best looking Next Gen Ford Ranger Bull Bars and Next Gen Ford Everest Bull Bars on the market.

TWD 4×4 (Perth) have exclusive supply and installation rights on Next Gen Ranger Hamer Bull Bars in Perth and across WA. Hamer 4×4 Australia products are also available for install at all of our locations across Australia.

The Hamer King Series Bull Bar is without a doubt one of the best selling front bars in Australia. As one of the first no-loop bull bars for the Ford Ranger in Australia, the Hamer Bull Bar was a huge trend setter before the bumper replacement style front bars gained prominence in the market. Fast forward to the Next Gen Ford Ranger, and Hamer are again the early movers with a clean, new style to suit the boxy front end of the Next Gen Ford. A truly impressive design.

Despite their rise to popularity largely being around the Ford Ranger Bull Bar, Hamer 4×4 Australia have much more to offer than just their Ford Ranger Bull Bar and Ford Everest Bull Bars.

Having installed more Hamer Bull Bars than just about anyone across Australia, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Our expert installers and fitters are just about at the stage where they’re installing Hamer Bull Bars blindfolded! But don’t let that discount the amount of work involved to get to this point, there’s plenty of skill and know-how involved to get this one-piece steel bar fitting nicely and looking the part. You could also consider the Option 4WD Replacement Bumper or Option 4WD V1 Front Bar for your Next Gen.

Be sure to consider adding a set of Next Gen Raptor Bash PlatesRear Bar, Electric Roller Shutter or any other Next Gen Raptor accessories available with TWD 4×4.

Next Gen Ranger Bull Bar Features:

  • ADR Compliant with airbag and crash sensors fully functional. Full certification.
  • Constructed from high quality 3mm thick steel – manufactured in Thailand where your Ford is!
  • Available in two different widths – to suit no flares and to suit flares.
  • Full bumper replacement, so no drilling or cutting is required as part of the install. You can take your factory bumper with you!
  • Winch compatible with laser cut holes to allow access. Most 9,000lb – 12,000lb winches will fit in the bar, though we recommend the RUNVA 11xp Winch or VIKOR INDUSTRIES Rescue VI Winch for a premium option straight from the WARN INDUSTRIES factory.
  • All FORD Factory features retained – sensor, 360 camera and tech pack/adaptive cruise control compatible (where applicable).
  • Rated Recovery Points included (standard red colour).
  • Front Hamer Bash Plate optional extra.
  • Market-leading, advanced powder coating black surface finish (custom colour to suit OEM colours at additional cost) with red HAMER logo positioned centre underneath the bar, and rated recovery points. These can be customised by TWD 4×4, as can headlight surrounding pieces (body colour would work best).
  • Tight fitting bull bar which only adds approximately 42mm to your vehicle from factory. Garage friendly indeed.
  • Lightweight steel design means the Hamer King Series Bull Bar weighs approximately 65kg.
  • Laser cut holes (and sufficient room) to mount spotties, light bars and antenna to the top of your bar. Check out the VK302 LED Light Bar with a clean bottom-mounted bracket setup which really sets things off with an aftermarket grill added.
  • Hamer Bull Bar comes with LED fog lights, indicator, daytime running lights that allow OEM switches to function per usual.

Feel free to swing by one of our workshops to check out the display and some of the jobs we have on. Let us know you’re chasing a Next Gen Ford Ranger Bull Bar or Next Gen Everest Bull Bar before you stop in.

More Hamer Bull Bar FAQs can be found here. For additional information on this Hamer Bull Bar, please contact TWD 4×4 on 1300 624 218 or message us today.

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 187 × 72 × 49 cm




Bar Width


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