Hilux 2020

A show car build for local business owner who wanted a really neat and tidy outcome, but with enough of an aggressive look to really stand out amongst the plethora of Hilux's on the road.


Day To Day, On Road




Hilux 2020



Customer’s goal

The customer was wanting a day to day work use (on road), but wanted plenty of eyes on the vehicle, which would soon
see a few sleek company branded decals for some guerrilla style marketing.

Customers wants

  • A sleek, modern solution for storage security that transports expensive products for work.
  • Vehicle that goes up the coast for holidays with young family.
  • Be capable to handle some light off road use, predominately on the beach where the family will spend the day on the sand.
  • Resale value was important
  • Keeping the upgrades to a reasonable value
  • A balance of desired outcome and budget, as the customer only holds the vehicles for 3-4 years max before rotating them out.
  • Customer didn’t like a traditional look of a canopy or hard lid.

Products From This Build

N80 Hilux Lift Kit (Remote Res) – Profender 2″ Hilux Lift Kit 2015+

Wheel & Tyre Package

Option 4WD V1 Hilux Bull Bar (2020+)

Toyota Hilux Snorkel (Stainless) – VIKOR INDUSTRIES

Option 4WD Fighter Hilux Rear Bar (N80)

N80 Hilux Electric Roller Shutter – VIKOR INDUSTRIES

Option 4WD Underbody Protection Kit – Hilux & Fortuner (2015-on)

Toyota Hilux Side Steps – V2 Option 4WD (N80)

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