Next Gen Everest

This was one of the first Next Gen Everests to land in Australia,
and it was sent straight to TWD 4×4 Perth HQ for some upgrades and new product testing.


Day To Day, On Road




Next Gen Everest


No Budget - Creative License

Customer Goals

Murray had been stalking the TWD 4×4 instagram page for many months in the lead up to taking delivery of one of the first Next Gen Everests in Australia, so he came with a comprehensive list of upgrades

Murray keen to get an aesthetic build together that would transform the “soccer mum” factory-feel of the Everest to something a little beefier and more aggressive, whilst still remaining very neat and tidy overall. He and his wife spend plenty of time in their car, and will do monthly trips up and down the WA coast.

Customer Wants

Aesthetic upgrades that will have a timeless appeal – i.e. nothing too messy (no stickers, not too many clash colours, not overly aggressive)

Vehicle spec’d up to easily handle some beach driving whilst ensuring a comfortable on-road feel for day-to-day use.
To broaden the look of the Everest overall and make the shape a little boxier.

Wanted to accent the vehicle with their favourite colour blue some how.
Intend to own this vehicle for the long term, so are happy to fit higher value alternatives where applicable.

Products From The Build

Option 4WD Next Gen Everest Underbody Protection Plates (2022+)

Black Duck Seat Covers

Ford Everest Rear Bumper – Option 4WD

EVC Ultimate9 Throttle Controller Next Gen Ranger / Everest

Next Gen Ford Everest Flares – EGR (Painted)

Next Gen Everest Airbags – Airbag Man

Next Gen Ranger Bull Bar – Option 4WD V1

Ford Everest Snorkel (UA 2015-2022) – VIKOR INDUSTRIES

Ford Everest Lift Kit (Monotube) – Profender 2″ Ford Everest Lift Kit

Wheel & Tyre Package

VIKOR INDUSTRIES Rescue VI Winch – 12,000lb Synthetic Rope (4×4 Winch)


VIKOR INDUSTRIES VK302 LED Light Bar (30″ Double Row)

VIKOR INDUSTRIES VK301 LED Light Bar (30″ Single Row)

The Everest Gallery


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