6×4 Conversion with GVM Upgrade – Hilux


TWD 4×4 havepartnered with WA’s leaders in automotive technologies to bring you the Hilux 6×4 Conversion with GVM Upgrade.

GVM Upgrades have a rich history in the automotive industry, with the proprietor pioneered novel combustion technologies in the 1980s, which are now contributing to superior fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions found in modern vehicle designs. They specialise in developing and investing in innovative technologies to improve the quality of life for its customers.

This 6×4 Hilux Conversion is no exception, and boasts an impressive list of functional improvements, whilst also passing the eye check. This set up is a real head-turner.

It’s easy to exceed the maximum weight limit of many 4×4 vehicles today, especially when you add essential vehicle accessories, passengers, and tools. This upgrade kit for the Toyota Hilux is federally certified and ensures that you won’t unintentionally exceed your maximum weight limit, keeping you and your passengers safe. If you’re looking to upgrade your GVM whilst added carrying capacity and increasing your overall track, consider this show-stopping solution from GVM Upgrades.

6×4 Hilux Specifications

  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) – 4500 Kg
  • Gross Combined Mass (GCM) – 7300 Kg
  • Payload – Up to 2000 Kg (Subject to GVM Limit)
  • Kerb Weight (Cab Chassis Only) – 2410Kg
  • Maximum Braked Towing Capacity – 3500 Kg
  • Wheelbase (overall) – 4220mm
  • Height (Maximum) – 1920mm
  • Track – Front and Rear – 1600mm

If you would like to discuss this conversion in further detail, contact the team directly or call us on 1300 624 218.



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