Next Gen Ranger Catch Can Kit (V6)


Brand: Provent

Category: Performance

Ensure your V6 Next Gen Ranger Catch Can Kit is equipped to safeguard against costly repairs and maintain optimal performance for your vehicle. Modern engines, especially those with exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR), are prone to issues caused by the accumulation of oil and exhaust particles. Over time, this buildup can obstruct inlet manifolds and valves, leading to diminished engine performance or failure.

The Direction-Plus ProVent Ultimate Catch Can system offers a reliable solution by effectively separating and redirecting oil and air from blow-by gas generated within the crankcase. This innovative system not only prevents oil and soot contamination from entering the clean air intake but also provides exceptional protection for your turbocharger. Additionally, it minimises oil consumption, prevents oil buildup in intercoolers, regulates crankcase pressure, and keeps critical engine components clean. With the Next Gen Ranger Catch Can Kit, you can reduce exhaust smoke and odours, ensuring your engine operates at its peak efficiency.

Best of all, this kit doesn’t void any vehicle warranties, providing you with peace of mind while maintaining your vehicle’s performance and reliability. Invest in the Next Gen Ranger Catch Can Kit today and experience the difference in engine performance and longevity.



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