Safari Snorkel Ford Ranger / Everest (PX2, PX3)

Brand: Safari

Category: Snorkel

Explore Safari’s diverse product range, extending beyond the conventional Safari Snorkel, to enhance your Ford Ranger’s performance and capabilities.

From the Safari V-Spec Snorkel providing essential engine protection to the high-flowing Safari ARMAX performance snorkels engineered to optimize air intake, Safari offers solutions tailored to your 4×4’s needs.

In addition, Safari presents an engine management solution for amplified power and torque, ensuring your Ford Ranger delivers exceptional performance for everyday use and heavy-duty towing tasks.

Customized to your vehicle’s specifications, each Safari ARMAX ECU (Engine Control Unit) guarantees optimal calibration, whether your Ford Ranger is stock or modified.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of Safari ARMAX ECU’s reversible, ‘plug-and-play’ installation, providing seamless integration and unparalleled performance enhancement for your Ford Ranger.



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