Bigger Tyres on your 4WD

Before Fitting Bigger Tyres on Your 4WD… READ THIS!

If you own a 4WD, chances are you fall into one of two categories: you’re either a true off-road enthusiast who enjoys getting your vehicle into sticky situations and finding a way out of it, or you’re keen to have an awesome looking rig that turns heads down the street.

One thing both camps have in common, though, is we all want to fit bigger tyres onto our vehicles. Aesthetics and performance both share the same view there!

In this blog, we will try to cover some of the main things you need to know about fitting bigger tyres to your 4WD.


Why should I put bigger tyres on my 4WD?

 Without getting to technical on you all, 4WDs are designed and manufactured in such a way that the torque is transferred equally to all four tyres, resulting in smooth driving experience across every possible terrain.

While lift kits alone were once trending as the solution to a bigger and meaner looking 4WD, nowadays, a lift combined with bigger tyres is a standard.

Some of the reasons to consider slapping on bigger tyres are:

  • Enhanced Off Road Performance – Simply put, bigger tyres means more rubber on the road (or surface). The more friction there is between your tyre and the terrain underneath you, the greater the handling and control you’ll have over your vehicle. This wider surface area allows you to grip more of the surface below, thereby decreasing the chances of accidents, or looking like a mug in front of the crew!
  • Max Out the Style-Meter – There’s no doubt about it, your rig is going to look SO MUCH BETTER with bigger tyres. With a lift and a new set of aggressive ATs like these, you can transform your vehicle into an absolute beast. Size matters when it comes to tyres… and the larger and wider your tyre, the meaner and meaner you’ll look.
  • Reduced Braking Distance – Further to our first point, bigger tyres will help you grip the surface below you much better. They will also benefit your overall performance by improving the braking system to some extent. Increasing the diameter within the certain limits enhances the brakes, and thus reduces the braking distance.
    After all, you’d much rather have the ability to pull up more quickly than not. Especially if your beast is rolling through suburbia or on the open roads out bush.
  • Better Handling and Cornering Control – While there is a complete transformation in the performance due to the increased contact with the surface below you, handling and drivability can also be much better. The longer and wider tyres result in better cornering movement of the car, particularly in dry conditions. Likewise, putting bigger tyres on your 4WD will make the sidewalls stiffer than before, which yields better on-time response and control on the movements of your vehicle.

While there are so many undeniable benefits of upsizing to bigger tyres, there are also some considerations to be wary of…

What else do I have to consider before putting on bigger tyres? 

  • Increased Fuel Consumption – This is easily one of the biggest downsides of upgrading to bigger tyres. Fitting larger tyres onto your 4WD can lead to increased fuel consumption, because bigger tyres carry more weight, which will have a direct affect on the engine. Although this might seem harmless for all the added benefits, if you’re spending a lot of time in your vehicle for work (i.e. it’s your daily), this will add up pretty quickly!
  • More Noise! – For those who are new 4WD owners, this might seem a little strange. But bigger tyres, especially with shorter side walls will produce a lot more noise than stock tyres.
    If you choose to put muddies on your vehicle, the noise will be even more noticeable, even if you go with the Roadcruza RA3200s, which are some of the quieter muds on the market. This is also the case with low-quality tyres as they use less rubber for noise absorption, which is why we recommend our customers always choose a 10ply tyre.
    If you’ve ever been in the car with a fella running muddy 35” tyres, you’ll know that the noise produced from these suckers can be enough to spoil even the best of moods!
  • Low Shock Absorption – Given larger tyres are heavier, they will directly affect the shock absorption capability of the car. In turn, this will impact the comfort of your ride, especially when you off road or on uneven terrain.
  • Speedo Calibration – Bigger tyres will affect your speedometer. When you choose to put on bigger tyres, the circumference of the tyre will increase, meaning the overall distance around the tyre is longer. So, every revolution actually means you’re travelling further.
    This means your actual speed will be higher than what the speedometer displays. Depending on the size difference, it might be a good decision to have a calibration done. You can see the what the resulting impact will be of increasing your tyre size here.


Final Words

 While we have listed down some things to consider before fitting bigger tyres to your 4WD, it is important that you understand the costs associated with bigger tyres… more rubber generally means greater cost.

It can be an expensive exercise to upgrade your tyres, so make sure you take into account the things touched in on this blog post. There’s also no point getting tyres that are too big for your vehicle! As silly as this sounds, we’ve seen people get carried away with size, which results in a lot of rubbing and the inability to utilise the full turning circle of the vehicle.

We also want you to understand that bigger isn’t always better, and your decision should be based on your personal circumstances. The team at TWD 4×4 are always here to guide you through this decision-making process.

As most of you know, we love our Roadcruzas. We believe they’re the best value AT on the market right now. Because of this, it’s our go-to recommendation for mall crawlers and off-roaders alike.

Having seen amazing brands like this come onto the scene in the past, one thing we can guarantee is their prices won’t remain this low for much longer.

So, get in touch with us and we’ll do you an exclusive deal on the best value ATs and muddies on the market!

Go well, legends.

Nathan is our Brisbane expert, his knowledge, expertise and knowhow are unparalleled. And he wants to help you build your dream 4×4.
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