Factor 55 Extreme Duty Tow Strap

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Category: Recovery Gear

Brand: Factor 55

TWD 4×4 is the exclusive retailer of Vikor Industries in Australia, bringing you the best USA-made Factor 55 Extreme Duty Tow Strap.

There are two different Factor 55 Australia Tow Straps – Standard Duty and Extreme Duty 2 inch wide and Double Ply 30 foot long straps.

Tow straps are designed for pulling or towing vehicles, and should not be confused with “Dynamic” recovery straps like “Snatch” straps or Kinetic Recovery Ropes. Dynamic straps are designed to store large amounts of kinetic energy in the stretch of the rope. On the other hand, tow straps do not store this quantity of energy.

A properly designed tow rope should be made of a low stretch 100% polyester and allow for little to no stretch. It also should allow vehicles to be towed for greater distances than Dynamic Nylon straps.  Because towing a vehicle often results in the tow strap making contact to the ground, the abraded low energy storage tow strap will not recoil as severely if a strap failure occurs.

Factor 55 tow straps are manufactured in the USA from a low stretch 100% Polyester material. We prefer the versatility of a narrower 2 inch strap versus wider 3 and 4 inch straps. 2 inch straps can easily fit into common ¾ screw pin shackle openings and we have discovered that the edges of 2 inch straps do not get abraded as easily as wider 3 and 4 inch wide straps.  To reach a higher minimum breaking strength of 31,000 pounds (USA Tested and repeatable), Factor 55 Australia doubled the ply and stitched it the entire length and wrapped the reinforced eyes with a durable Cordura sleeve.

Because of its low stretch quality, these straps can also be used as a 30 foot winch extension.  Each Factor 55 Australia Tow Strap is individually serialized for material lot traceability as well as properly labeled for different load configurations.  We also offer our tow strap in an Extreme Duty full 30 foot Cordura sleeve protected version.  Most tow straps are taken out of service due to abrasion and wear of the strap edges.  The full length Cordura sleeve protects the inner strap from abrasion caused from dragging the strap on the ground during longer distance tows.  You will not find a higher quality tow strap on the market today.


MADE IN USA. Available for purchase at TWD 4×4 Australia.




Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 in
Type Extreme Duty Tow Strap


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