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Next Gen Amarok Lift Kits from Profender 4×4 are EXCLUSIVELY available for purchase and install at TWD 4×4 stores around Australia and our partners.

Profender Premium Suspension are a world class manufacturer of all suspension products, and made a name for themselves with arguably the best off-road racing shocks in the world. That’s many of the biggest brands in the world go to them for manufacturing – think Superior Engineering, TJM, Lovells, Rough Country and so many more!

We figured, why pay for everyone else’s advertising and branding costs, when you can just go straight to the manufacturer and have them supply their top shelf products direct.

What Next Gen Amarok Lift Kit Should I Pick?

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to suspension upgrades.

When choosing a Next Gen Amarok Lift Kit, it’s important to consider what you are using your vehicle for, and what sort of action your Next Gen Amarok will see. Are you purely after some extra clearance and don’t mind too much about the ride? Or do you require added performance and a comfortable on-road experience? Do you need the whole hog, with ability the to dampen and adjust the responsiveness on your shock depending on your vehicle use at the time?

The crew at TWD 4×4 HQ have put together three sets of Next Gen Amarok Lift Kits for customers:

  1. Heavy Duty (Twin Tube) Shock – entry level heavy duty shock from Profender, which is defined by two separated fluid areas within the working cylinder. The basic damping mechanism within twin tube shocks are sufficient for standard on-road conditions and light off road use. Ideal for Next Gen Amarok owners who are chasing a Next Gen Amarok Lift Kit simply for added height/clearance, and a comfortable ride with minimal off-road performance.
  2. Queen Series Monotube 2.0 Shock – the Profender Monotube gas shock is defined by single cylinder mechanism, with a high pressure nitrogen gas that never interacts with the hydraulic fluid. This design eliminates any aeration or foaming, optimising for the best performance in any given driving conditions as needed. It provides increased responsiveness, more vehicle stability, less body roll and greater longevity of your shocks. This is an absolutely world class shock built from the Profender Racing Shock team (check the sort of stuff being developed by Profender Shocks here). Will likely be our most popular Next Gen Amarok 2 Inch Lift Kit.
  3. Remote Res (8-Step Adjustable) – Built on the Monotube 2.0 shock with flexibility when it comes to preferred responsiveness of your shock. This is controlled with the adjustable knobs to dampen or tighten your ride (front and rear). Perfect for variable-use city driving, high speed, beach, off-road and towing.  If you’re towing caravans and heavy loads, consider adding suspension airbags to your quote.

*** Profender UCA is always recommended for the Next Gen Amarok on lifts anywhere over 3″ to restore your front end geometry back to intended factory angles ***

Suitable for: Next Gen Amarok Lift Kit (MY2022+) – check out our Next Gen Amarok Lift Kit (2023) Summary for more information.

How much weight have you added (or are adding) to your Next Gen Amarok?

Another important consideration is what sort of weight you’re subjecting your suspension to. We typically like to differentiate between front end weight (bull bar, winch, aftermarket bonnet etc.) and rear end weight (canopy, tools, drawers, rooftop tent etc.).

You don’t want to subject your suspension setup to more weight than the springs are rated to, yet at the same time, it’s still important to have a comfortable ride – especially if you’re using your Next Gen Amarok as a daily. When requesting a quote, use the drop down options to estimate the weight you’ll have on each end, and the TWD 4×4 team can provide you some advice on what kit and coil rating will best suit your vehicle from there.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team near you on 1300 624 218 or submit an online enquiry and someone will get back to you shortly.

*product photos are for illustrative purposes only – the actual product may vary slightly. This Lift Kit is for off-road use only.

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Weight 95 kg


Spring Rating (Front)


UCA (Recommended 2+ Inch)


Spring Rating (Rear)

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Diff Drop


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