Next Gen Everest Roof Rack (Rhino Roof Rack)

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Brand: Rhino Rack

Next Gen Everest Roof Rack – Rhino Roof Rack

Embark on your next adventure with confidence using the Rhino Roof Rack for Ford Everest. The Pioneer 6 Platform and Rhino-Rack Backbone mounting system redefine adventure, setting a new standard in roof rack engineering.

Crafted to complement your Next Gen Everest, this roof rack expands your possibilities and enhances your journey. Constructed from durable aluminium and coated with corrosion-resistant powder, Rhino Rack’s Next Gen Everest roof rack features glass reinforced nylon corners, providing easy access to internal wiring channels within the Pioneer, ensuring a seamless integration of functionality and design.

Discover the benefits of the Rhino Roof Rack for Next Gen Everest:

  • Platform size is 2100mm x 1240mm
  • Designed with the adventurer in mind, our roof rack provides unparalleled versatility. Compatible with a wide array of accessories, it offers endless customisation options for every excursion.
  • Seamlessly integrating with your vehicle’s roof, the Rhino-Rack Backbone ensures a perfect fit. This bespoke load-carrying solution is tailored for the ultimate adventurer, delivering durability, performance, and style.
  • Enjoy the quietest and lightest Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform, boasting 100% usable platform space. With up to 25% more mounting channels, you’ll experience improved performance and enhanced mounting options.
  • Benefit from east/west mounting channels and integrated wiring capabilities within all extrusions. Detachable wind fairing inserts reduce drag, providing a smoother ride and optimising aerodynamics.
  • Customise your setup effortlessly with the most comprehensive ecosystem of accessories available. From kayaks to fishing rods, this roof rack system offers endless possibilities for your adventure.
  • Achieve a sleek, seamless look without compromising functionality. Transition seamlessly between your vehicle and the Rhino Roof Rack for Next Gen Everest, elevating your adventures to new heights.

Please note: The Rhino Roof Rack adds approximately 63mm to the height of your Next Gen Everest.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 167 × 138 × 7 cm


40" Double Row LED Light Bar (Under Platform)


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